1. The Future Of Brand Advertising

    Vox Advertising is unlocking the full potential of the digital age for brand marketers through Vox's unique blend of premier content offerings, high-value audiences, and cutting-edge brand advertising products.

    Vox Advertising is changing what it means for brands to advertise on the web.

  2. Engagement At Scale

    Reaching over one hundred million young, affluent, and influential users across our seven celebrated verticals, Vox Media is home to the highly covetable yet elusive audience of discerning tastemakers who care as much about the brands they support as the content they consume.

    • 7
      Content Verticals
    • 101MM
      Monthly Uniques
    • 100%
      Year/Year Growth
  3. The Capabilities:

    • videocamera Broadcast-Quality Studio
    • typewriter Publishing
    • wrenchpencil Ad Product Development
    • searchfile Research & Analytics

    Vox Creative is Vox Media's in-house group of designers, directors, storytellers, and creative coders whose mission is to help our clients build custom advertising experiences that are as appealing, engaging, and powerful as the editorial content on our sites.

    Vox Creative extends the exact same tools and capabilities to our partners as we do to our own media brands.

  4. Our Capabilities:

    • Premium Display
    • Brand Storytelling & Publishing
    • Editorial Sponsorships & Alignments
    • Deep Brand-Focused Analytics
    • Advanced Data Targeting

    Harmony is Vox Media's proprietary premium brand advertising platform offering partners an unparalleled canvas for telling stories, reach among high-value audiences, and rich, actionable data acquired through cross-platform campaign execution and optimization.

    From editorial sponsorships to groundbreaking custom experiences, Harmony drives organic discovery and consumption by smartly distributing creative to targeted users at scale.

  5. Deep Brand-Focused Analytics

    As the industry moves away from the click, we're innovating to create advertisements and reporting that measure the data marketers truly care about.

    We're constantly exploring new ways to understand how our users interact with creative and branded content — and how to translate those understandings into incomparable performance for our partners.

    What We Offer:

    • upload Brand Lift
    • clock Real-Time Engagement Including Interaction and Time Spent
    • binoculars Viewability
    • malefemale Advanced Audience Data Including Social Graphs
  6. Scalable Sponsorships & Alignment

    Sponsorships and Chromeless Features:

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    The Metrics:

    • binoculars 3X Industry Average CTR
    • clock 14 Minutes Spent on Page
    • cursor 1,550 Social Interactions
    • barchart 230K US Uniques

    Vox Media is the undisputed leader in bringing high-value content into the digital space, from arresting visual features and longform investigative reporting to authoritative franchises and broadcast-quality video — all distinctly optimized for consumption on the web and mobile. By surrounding and integrating within the content our users most anticipate and engage with, advertisers consistently see outstanding performance.

  7. Brand Publishing

    Great content is great content. Whether produced by our editors or our brand partners, our intelligent, sophisticated audience devours stories that are original, provocative, and informative — so Vox Creative assists clients in speaking to users in a way that will make them listen.

    The results are undeniable: by guiding advertisers to create and smartly distribute content that we know resonates with our audiences, we continually help them achieve their goals and win new followers.

    We Offer:

    • check Custom Content Created With Talented Digital Storytellers
    • videocamera Custom Video Production
    • upload Smart On-Platform Distribution
    • facebooktwitter Social Distribution & Amplification
    • searchfile Deep Brand Analytics Through Harmony
  8. Campaign Highlights

    No two clients or campaigns are the same — and therefore, no single set of metrics should be used to measure the efficacy of an ad execution.

    We evaluate the success of every individual media buy based on the unique objectives laid out by each partner — but because we understand that each campaign is one-of-a-kind, we consistently help our clients achieve success.