Tyler Bleszinski

Tyler is the founder of SB Nation which laid the groundwork for the creation of Vox Media. He served as the CEO of SB Nation for the first four years of its existence. The disruption of traditional sports media started with Bleszinski's coverage approach and led to massive growth immediately. The young company's rapid success attracted the attention of investors and future CEO Jim Bankoff. Tyler now functions as SB Nation's vice president of talent, serving as a mentor, advocate and teacher for the team blogs in the network. He manages the team blog leadership and leads the recruiting, credentialing and editorial planning for our team blogs. He has a keen eye for talent, with many of the current full time sports employees starting as bloggers early on in SB Nation's history.

Tyler started the network when he launched his Oakland Athletics site Athletics Nation in November 2003. The site became the model for how to approach coverage in the new media landscape with an open and distinct bias. He set out with the purpose of raising the level of discourse that existed at the time and empowering fans to embrace their own community on the Web. His approach became the blueprint for the company's success as he developed a close relationship with A's general manager Billy Beane as well as owner Lewis Wolff. He remains a driving force behind the team blogs today.