1. Because Brands Have Great Stories To Tell

    Vox Creative is an in-house group of designers, directors, storytellers and creative coders on a mission to help our clients make ads that are as beautiful, powerful and unique as the content on any of our sites.

    To help brands tell their stories most powerfully to the audiences they wish to reach, Vox Creative applies all of the same capabilities to our clients as we do to our own media brands.

  2. Vox Creative: The Intersection Of Vox Media’s
    Most Powerful Resources

    Vox Creative is a collaboration between our advertising and product teams, leveraging the content creation expertise of the Vox Media brands. Vox Creative works directly with partners to conceptualize and execute compelling campaigns that meet brand objectives, perpetuate messaging, and deliver value and top-quality advertising content to our audiences. For both video and text-based initiatives, we can secure talent, develop a theme or story, as well as write, direct, edit, promote and distribute the final product.

    Content creation expertise from Vox Creative offers:

    • check Established tone, look, and feel
    • check Contextual relevance
    • check Community activation
    • check Social amplification
    • check 150% more engagement
  3. Vox Studios

    View Our Work:

      Vox Studios is a production company built on the notion that video on the internet should be as good or better than anything from the world of broadcast, film, or TV commercials. We create, script, produce, and distribute original video for Vox Media sites
      (The Verge, SB Nation, and Polygon) and advertising brands.

      In addition to managing a worldwide team of producers and directors, Vox Studios operates a fully-staffed New York City-based production facility with dedicated sound-stages, live control rooms, full edit and motion graphics capabilities, audio sweetening, creative and production services.

    • Our Technology

      The Capabilities:

      • Content Publishing

      • Brand Advertising

      • Community Moderation & Social Amplification

      • Content Distribution

      • Structured Data

      • Content & Advertising Analytics

      The Modern Media Platform

      Chorus is Vox Media’s proprietary publishing platform that transcends the capabilities of the industry-standard content management system (CMS).

      Chorus tightly integrates and interconnects every element of the premium digital media experience: text and video content with world-class design, powerful brand advertising, community engagement, social amplification, data measurement, and more.

    • Audience Insights & Analytics

      Vox Creative provides partners the ability to truly define brand success in digital. With an intimate knowledge of our audiences and the capability to measure many layers of engagement, Vox Creative can show brands the effectiveness of their campaigns and help make informed decisions about their messaging through audience insights, custom segmentation and on-demand reports.

      • Real-Time

      • Custom Segments

      • On-Demand Reports