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Vox Premieres New International Video Series, Vox Borders

Six-episode documentary series hosted by Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris investigates life at the edge of nations

Today, after releasing the Vox Borders official series trailer on Facebook last week, Vox is happy to premiere the new investigative, documentary video series hosted by Vox’s Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris.

In the new series, Harris reports from six borders around the world, examining the human stories behind physical and political borders, and how the lines used to apportion the planet play a decisive role in the past, present and future of millions of lives.

The full first episode highlights a busy market economy on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where tensions rise as Haitians face a grueling journey to make it to the the border, only to be denied entry by Dominican Republic border security.

Each of the 10-15 minute episodes will feature Harris’s unique cinematic videography, data-driven digital cartography and personal reflections as he travels. The following episodes will be released every Tuesday for the next six weeks on, Vox’s YouTube channel and Facebook page and Harris’ Facebook page:

  • 10/17: The Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • 10/25: North Korea and Japan
  • 11/1: Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole
  • 11/8: The United States, Mexico and Central America
  • 11/15: Spain and Morocco
  • 11/22: China and Nepal

Additional exclusive content from the series, including “Dispatch” videos - discoveries, reflections, and learnings that will explore true stories of people impacted by borders around the world - will also be available on Harris’ Facebook and Instagram pages.