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NewFronts 2017

Vox Media Video


As digital video continues to scale across the mobile web, a belief has emerged that content must be short, snackable and shallow to break through. That people aren’t willing to go beneath the surface, limited by pocket-sized attention spans and fleeting interests.

At Vox Media we think, create and program for a different kind of audience. We serve the obsessives. The super fans. The impassioned who are willing to go deeper.

Deeper is where interest becomes passion and info becomes knowledge. Where audiences lean in, stay awake, and pay attention to the stories they care about. We’ve leveraged an authentic obsession with sports, food, technology, pop culture and news to grow eight brands that matter, now accessible to hundreds of millions of people across every screen and every platform through our award-winning video programming.

Get in Touch Top

Smoked Oysters at home? Yeah, right.

No, really — it's right. In this series, Clifford Endo’s mission is to demystify complicated cooking methods and make them accessible to anyone. Yes, you can turn your backyard grill into a perfect rib smoker. Even better? You can make amazing pickles in less than five minutes. You Can Do This proves that with a few cooking hacks, the casual cook can turn into a kitchen fiend.


Human stories that emerge from the lines on a map.

Some borders are based on dramatic mountain ranges. Some are completely arbitrary. While the line in the sand can take many forms, every border has penetrating impact on the people who live within, between and on the other side. Vox Editor Johnny Harris documents the real cultures, collaboration, dialogue, and conflicts that borders create - and the lives they change.

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So you just bought all that video at NewFronts, now what do you do with it?

Meet Concert. The industry’s first premium publisher-led marketplace, combining turnkey video solutions with the context that matters, at scale.




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Monster Factory

Watch a NSFW show about video games.

The McElroy brothers, gaming experts with a cult following, use in-game tools and secret codes to do hilarious things to the video games you love.


Wearables? Been there. VR? Done that.

Next Level, a new video series from The Verge's Senior Editor Lauren Goode, will explore technologies, trends, and the people who are taking today's concepts to the next level. Next Level gets access to the secret innovation labs, weird spaces, and mind-bending playgrounds incubating our next buyable obsession. It's experiential, it's weird, and it's fun.

Cult Following

Serena Dai goes deep into the food obsessions that inspire rational people to do irrational things for a meal.

From a fast food joint that has hour-long lines to a ramen shop that makes you eat in isolation — what makes people so obsessed with these restaurants? The NY Emmy Award-winning video team at Eater and host Serena Dai take us to the places, people, and dishes that spawn the world’s ultimate fans in search of what fuels these never-ending cravings.

Vox Pop

Why do cartoon characters always wear gloves? Why do rappers love Grey Poupon?

Vox explains, annotates, and dissects popular trends, songs, trailers, T.V. and everything in between to discover the unexpected and surprising places it can take us. The one thing Vox Pop will always be? Smart.

Loren in Space

So you wanted to be an astronaut?

The daughter of two rocket scientists, Loren Grush wants to know what it takes to get to space — whether that's launching satellites and cargo or physically hurtling oneself out of the atmosphere. From on-the-ground drills to zero gravity experiments, follow Loren as she learns more about NASA's human spaceflight program and the commercial space revolution that is taking hold in the United States.

partnerships verge_twitter-live

In partnership with Twitter, The Verge brings you an exciting new endeavor, Circuit Breaker: The Verge’s Gadget Show. The show is a live, weekly, 1-hour-deep-dive into the world of gadgets. Hosted by The Verge’s signature and authoritative talent, this show is about THE STUFF - the hottest gadgets everyone wants right now, and the weirdest ones we’ll want tomorrow.

partnerships tribeca_vox-media

Vox Media & Tribeca are excited to be entering a new video partnership to co-create and distribute compelling storytelling campaigns for brand advertisers. Together, we’ll bring brands the ability to reach highly influential audiences through immersive film experiences at Tribeca Film Festival, and digitally across Vox Media’s eight editorial brands & via Concert. Check out this piece of shoulder content Vox Creative built for our first mutual partner, Tumi.


Vox Creative isn’t just a team that executes content deliverables. We’re a band of storytellers and creators that help marketers think like programmers of the future. We don’t believe that you have to sacrifice depth to reach your audience across all of their favorite places, spaces, and feeds, so we combine analytic rigor, editorial expertise and creative storytelling skills to craft branded content that goes one step deeper and truly resonates with our audience. Check out some of the stories we’ve been telling:

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