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Eater Expands Young Guns Franchise IRL with Three-Part Dinner Series

The Grey Goose sponsored events included a punch making class, a speakeasy ode to Princess Pamela, and a multi-course sustainable seafood feast.

The Eater Young Guns program is one of the brands most beloved tentpoles, an annual list celebrating the industry’s fresh new faces. From sommeliers to chefs, cheesemongers to captains, these are the talents shaping the future of dining in America. In 2019, our partnership with Grey Goose brought the celebration to life with our first annual Eater Young Guns Summit, as well as a trio of intimate pop up events which took place across New York City this August and September.

The 1-2 Punch

First up, 2018 Young Gun Chelsea Gregoire led a hands-on cocktail and punch-making class at DeKalb Market Hall on August 20. All the drinks from Gregoire, founder of beverage consulting firm Drinkable Genius, were accompanied by curated bites from Eater’s favorite DeKalb Market vendors, including BK Jani, Kotti, Likkle More Jerk, Arepa Lady, and Hana Noodle.

An Ode to Princess Pamela

On September 5, Young Guns Francesca Chaney (‘19) of Sol Sips and DeVonn Francis (‘18) of Yardy co-hosted an immersive speakeasy-style dinner in honor of the life of Princess Pamela, the legendary restaurateur, poet, and jazz musician. The family-style vegan dinner at Fig 19 celebrated Southern food and black culture, accompanied by live music.

Save Our Seas

On September 16, Young Gun Jacob Harth (‘19) of one of America’s best new restaurants — Erizo in Portland, Oregon — provided an intimate, multi-course sustainable seafood feast in the Eater Test Kitchen. Young Gun Chelsea Gregoire (‘18) curated the cocktail pairings.