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Vox Media Studios and Polygon Partner With Quibi for Daily Culture, Gaming and News Show

To Provide Daily Dose Of Internet Culture For Quibi’s Daily Essentials Lineup

Today, Quibi and Vox Media Studios announced a partnership to produce a daily culture and gaming news show. Produced by Polygon, Vox Media’s culture and gaming network, the daily series will present a caffeinated, hyperfast injection of the news that the gaming (and gaming adjacent) audience craves for Quibi’s Daily Essential lineup.

The episodes will serve up the day’s most important headlines while taking insightful deep dives into the biggest trending topics including expert analysis and beyond. Through Polygon, the show will score exclusive interviews with top talent and first look previews ahead of other news outlets in the space.

With the format and pace lending themselves to a sense of urgency, the show will be under seven minutes and be available Monday through Friday. The mission is to give audiences what matters the most as quickly as possible. The series does the heavy lifting so that the user can simultaneously sit back - and lean in - to a jam-packed punch of gaming related intel with a fresh perspective.

Polygon is one of the fastest-growing and most influential gaming sites in the world. Its editorial perspective covers the stories that extend beyond the core gaming world, with a pulse on the intersecting worlds audiences truly care about. With unrivaled access to the biggest thinkers, tastemakers, influencers, and newsmakers, Polygon’s audience-first approach has kept them on the forefront of key cultural moments borne of gaming and the future of entertainment.

Daily Essentials are a unique content offering from Quibi — in addition to its scripted “Lighthouse” and unscripted “Alternative” shows. Curated daily into minutes-long bites of news, entertainment and inspiration, Quibi’s Daily Essentials will quickly give viewers everything they need to know.

About Polygon

Polygon is Vox Media’s next-generation entertainment network, illuminating the entertainment world through the lens of those who grew up playing video games, reading comics, and obsessed with internet culture. As a leading industry voice, Polygon is a top source for smart, critical, and entertaining content surrounding cultural moments borne of gaming and the future of entertainment. Polygon truly understands these next-generation communities because they are the fans, and are embedded in YouTube, Twitch, and your favorite gaming communities. Polygon’s Recommends and Essentials program tells you what’s important to play and watch. Their game guide’s program provides the highest-quality service for how to play.

About Vox Media Studios

Vox Media Studios is a full-service production studio inclusive of the Vox Media Podcast Network and the award-winning storytelling powerhouse Epic. The division creates and distributes premium original programming for television, OTT, podcasts, film, and brand partners. Based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, these entities produce, develop, and sell programming — both independently and in collaboration with Vox Media’s category-leading editorial networks: Vox, The Verge, SB Nation, Eater, Polygon, Recode, and Curbed.

Vox Media Studios produced successful shows including Eater’s No Passport Required (PBS), Vox’s Explained (Netflix), American Style (CNN) and Retro Tech (YouTube Originals); the Vox Media Podcast Network’s slate of more than 200 high-quality podcasts that span categories; and more than 40 longform articles from Epic that have been optioned by Hollywood, including the Academy Award-winning film “Argo” and the forthcoming show, Little America. Learn more about Vox Media Studios here.

About Quibi

Quibi is a mobile-first media technology platform bringing together the best of Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Quibi is the first entertainment platform built for easy, on-the-go mobile viewing, allowing today’s leading studios and creative talent to tell original stories in an entirely new way. For more information visit Follow Quibi on Facebook @QuibiUS and on Twitter @Quibi.