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Vox’s Explained Returns to Netflix with Emma Stone-narrated Limited Series

Now streaming: “The Mind, Explained” dives deep into memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness and psychedelics

Today, Vox and Netflix are thrilled to introduce “The Mind, Explained” – a brand new limited series narrated by Emma Stone. With five short-form episodes in Vox’s signature Explainer format, the illuminating docu-series dives deep into the human mind exploring memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness and psychedelics.

You can stream all five episodes today on Netflix, or watch the first episode on Vox’s YouTube.

Inspired by a single, crucial question – why can’t we remember what is in the fridge? – “The Mind, Explained” takes a cerebral adventure through the human brain, demanding answers to even bigger questions such as:

  • Why can’t we remember most of the details of our own lives?
  • Why do an estimated 1 in 3 people suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point?
  • And why, when we go to bed at night, are we overcome with strange visions? Do our dreams actually mean anything, or serve any purpose?

“The Mind, Explained” is executive produced by Ezra Klein of Vox, Joe Posner of Vox, Chad Mumm of Vox Media Studios and showrunner Claire Gordon.

“Our minds often feel like a black box,” wrote Explained Executive Producer and Head of Vox Video Joe Posner in a post on “And the stakes of these questions go far beyond the fridge -- to our fundamental sense of reality, and what it means to be human. How can we help ourselves, and each other, when our minds betray us? What can we do to take back some control?”

Vox’s Explained returns to Netflix for season 2 featuring weekly episodes with all-new celebrity narrators and a full slate of exciting topics on September 26. Until then, you can binge all of season one here.


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