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Vox Media names Jermaine Spradley the SVP, SB Nation

Spradley leads the country’s largest sports network with eyes on growth.

SB Nation’s Jermaine Spradley

Today, Vox Media is pleased to name Jermaine Spradley the Senior Vice President of SB Nation, Vox Media’s founding brand, and the country’s largest independent sports media network.

SB Nation serves 300+ sports communities, 100+ podcasts, and reaches tens of millions of people each month. Jermaine has been with Vox Media for a year and a half, previously filling the role of SB Nation’s General Manager and most recently, Vice President.

In his role as SVP, Spradley will manage and lead SB Nation’s business development and establish new major initiatives, collaborating with leaders across the company to serve our audiences and bringing the success of SB Nation’s most impactful communities to the entire network. This roadmap will include investing in our content and our creators, deepening our relationships with our audiences, and ensuring that SB Nation’s leadership as well as its creators reflect the diversity of our fan bases.

“Now more than ever, it is imperative that SB Nation get back to the basics of supporting our fan communities,” Spradley says. “We’ll focus on providing them with new ways to engage with our content, and by building safer, more representative communities as it relates to race, gender, and identity.”

During his time at SB Nation, Spradley has helped to launch one of Vox Media’s largest strategic partnerships: DraftKings Nation, a community dedicated to daily fantasy and sports betting. The community has rapidly become a leading source for fantasy sports and sports betting news, already reaching millions of visitors per month.

Spradley is a veteran digital media leader who, before joining Vox Media, spent three years as Bleacher Report’s Executive Editor, where he led the business’s content strategy and built the award-winning Social Moments team, which produces innovative sports highlights on social media. During that time he also won a CLIO award for Executive Producing Bleacher Report’s Gridiron Heights, a comedic animated video series about life on professional football teams. He previously spent time at Huffington Post where, as its Multicultural Editor, he led HuffPost Black Voices’ coverage of the trial of George Zimmerman and the passing of Nelson Mandela, while also leading its Latino Voices team. He began his career in finance as an analyst at Citigroup.

Spradley is the first person to hold this new position at SB Nation and joins a group of Editorial SVPs that each oversee the development of their respective Vox Media networks, under Vox Media Publisher Melissa Bell: Chris Grant, SVP of The Verge and Polygon; Amanda Kludt, SVP & Editor-in-Chief of Eater; and Lauren Williams, SVP & Editor-in-Chief of Vox and Recode.

Spradley is from Hempstead, New York, and is a long-time resident of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. He is a devoted father to his seven-year-old son and a lifelong fan of the Knicks, Liberty, Giants, Yankees, and Rangers. Find him on Twitter at @MrSpradley.

SB Nation is where fans live. Our network of communities is dedicated to covering the biggest moments, the breaking news, and heartfelt stories of the sports and teams we love. Over the past decade, SB Nation has acquired, launched, and grown over 300 digital communities and more than 100 podcasts. Core to its DNA and since its founding as a collective of Bay Area team sports blogs, SB Nation identifies and fills the whitespaces in the sports media landscape for both fans and partners, through building communities that capture the nuances that make each fan base special.