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Vox’s Today, Explained Launches “You, Me, and Covid-19”

This five-part podcast series, hosted by Sean Rameswaram, debuts today —  subscribe here.

Today Vox’s daily news podcast, Today, Explained, kicks off an end of year special series, “You, Me, and Covid-19” — a look back on how the coronavirus fundamentally reshaped our world in surprising ways.

Hosted by Sean Rameswaram, this new series explores how the virus impacted every aspect of our lives, and includes a special interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, as well as reporting from Vox reporters: Brian Resnick and Haleema Shah. The series examines how Covid-19 changed our relationships, and redefined what we thought was “normal.” The full series drops today at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Subscribe to Today, Explained wherever you listen to podcasts — including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify — to automatically get new episodes when they publish. Episode details included below.

Episode details –– “You, Me and Covid-19”

Episode One: Moving Home
Millennials are moving back in with their parents (again), but they are discovering multigenerational living has its perks.

Episode Two: The year live music died
Musicians explain how they got creative when live shows and tours were canceled.

Episode Three: Dr. Fauci’s nightmare before Christmas
Dr. Anthony Fauci reflects back on his pandemic year, what he’s learned, and what he’d do differently.

Episode Four: Animals catch Covid-19, too
A reminder that we’re not the only animals who got Covid-19 this year. Science writer David Quammen explains why our health and theirs are intertwined.

Episode 5: How 2020 changed us
People look back on a very long year.


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