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It’s not who you are but what you are consuming

Learn more about our first-party data platform, Forte in a white paper from Vox Media’s Head of Data Science

Today almost every ad consumers see is making an assumption about your audience segment. Advertisers are targeting audiences based on data from a myriad of third-party data providers that are paired with an individual’s onsite behavior to create an online profile.

Are these assumptions about a consumer and their personality correct? Are they effective in determining the best advertising content? And what if this data is no longer available in a privacy-focused environment? As an industry, we presume that knowing what a consumer looks like equates to better ad performance. In fact, we’ve been saying that for a while. However, with data privacy coming fast and furious, the entire industry will have to change the way advertisers connect to users. It is essential that all of us find sustainable solutions that free us from relying on third-party data.

In December, as the industry awaited the impact of privacy regulation and we saw major changes to browser settings, Vox Media took action to announce Forte, our first-party data platform that will help brands connect directly with audiences more efficiently across our newly expanded editorial portfolio with 125 million unique monthly visitors.

Today, we’re proud to reveal a new white paper, showcasing how the Forte platform works – and Vox Media’s unique ability to marry context and audience data with the creative of an ad across our 13 diverse editorial networks, leading to more effective advertising solutions for our partners.

Download the white paper here.

If you are interested in learning more about the learnings, or Forte, please reach out to: