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Vox Media Civic Science FAQ

What is CivicScience?

CivicScience is a third party research company that Vox Media partners with to host polling widgets on our sites. Vox Media can better understand and communicate with engaged audiences through these polls.

How is this data used?

Vox Media uses this data to better understand user consumption patterns with the ultimate goal of providing the best and most useful experience on our sites. The data may also be used to inform marketing, sales, or editorial strategy. CivicScience shares aggregated data to other organizations interested in market research and consumer insights. All data collected by CivicScience is only used in aggregation, never at the respondent level. Vox Media does not sell polling data or use it for ad targeting.

Who writes the poll questions?

Questions may be written by the third party research company CivicScience or by Vox Media’s marketing or sales teams trying to better understand our audience.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. Users are not cookied until they agree to CivicScience’s privacy policy and terms of use. Once accepted, responses can be tied to a cookie, LiveRamp ID, or other digital identifiers to build profiles over time, and no personal identification information is collected.

Can I see or delete my answer history?

Yes! During each poll, you can click on the three dots on the right and see a link to “Manage your answers”, which will show all the responses you’ve provided to date, and give you the option to delete any answers.

Can I take more surveys?

Yes! Please use this link if you’d like to answer more questions.