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Vox Media Wins Eight Webby Awards

The Vox Media Podcast Network’s Pivot, Recode Decode’s special segment with HBO, and The Ezra Klein Show earned both Webby wins and People’s Voice Awards

Vox Media is proud to be one of the modern media companies with the most 2020 Webby Award wins. Wins across our distinct newsrooms, video teams, and vast Vox Media Podcast Network span the best of News & Politics, Arts & Culture, and Business.

Listen: Podcast Winners

Best Business Podcast: Pivot, Webby Winner & People’s Voice Winner
The New York Magazine podcast hosted by technology journalist and entrepreneur Kara Swisher and NYU professor Scott Galloway offers sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics.

Best Interview/Talk Podcast: The Ezra Klein Show, Webby Winner & People’s Voice Winner
Vox’s long-running podcast hosted by Vox co-founder Ezra Klein brings you far-reaching conversations about hard problems, big ideas, illuminating theories, and cutting-edge research.

Best Branded Podcast Segment: Recode Decode & HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Segment, Webby Winner & People’s Voice Winner
Best Technology Podcast: Recode Decode, Webby Winner
In Recode Decode, Kara Swisher hosts candid interviews with tech execs, politicians, celebrities and more about their big ideas and how they’re changing our world. The podcast also takes home the win for most engaging segment created on behalf of a brand, as Swisher interviewed tech mogul Gavin Belson about the sale of his company Hooli with the help of actor Matt Ross and HBO series Silicon Valley.

Best Arts & Culture Podcast: Switched on Pop, People’s Voice Winner
Vox’s Switched on Pop reveals the secret formulas that make pop songs so infectious. Every Tuesday, musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding pull back the curtain on how pop hits work their magic.

Watch: Video Winners

Best How-To, Explainer & DIY Video: Vox’s The trick that made animation realistic, Webby Winner
In Vox’s Almanac series, Phil Edwards explains the world through its footnotes. In this winning episode, Edwards explores the beginning of rotoscoping, a technique animators use to turn real movement into animation.

Vox Almanac

Best Technology Video: The Verge’s Inside the traumatic life of a Facebook moderator, Webby Winner
The Verge’s Casey Newton broke the story about the working conditions of Facebook moderators in Phoenix, AZ, and Tampa, FL. Here, he speaks with former moderators to reveal the filthy offices, grim work and side effects of being a Facebook content moderator.

Inside the traumatic life of a Facebook moderator

Best News & Politics Video: Vox’s Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained, People’s Voice Winner
In June 2019, as the people of Hong Kong protested in record-breaking numbers, Vox video creators explained the news coming out of Hong Kong and the history that led up to that moment.

Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained

Nominees and Honorees

Work from the Vox Media podcasting, video, and brand partnerships teams also earned five Webby nominations and five Webby honors. Congratulations to the creators behind Curbed’s Nice Try! podcast; Vox’s Earworm video series; Vox’s Today Explained podcast; The Cut’s Tabloid podcast, in partnership with Luminary; The Cut’s How I Get it Done video series; The Ezra Klein Show and Dropbox’s Flow Thinking podcast; The Cut and Audi’s Doing the Most; Verge Science, Vox Video; and The Verge’s Vergecast podcast.