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Vox Creative and Ad Council remind us not to drive while high in the brand studio’s thrilling first-ever TV spot

Today, in partnership with Ad Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Vox Media’s award-winning branded content studio, Vox Creative has released its first-ever TV spot, in a thrilling, horror-esque spot reminding everyone not to drive after smoking marijuana.

What had originally started as a partnership between Ad Council, NHTSA and Vox Creative to create a campaign to run across Vox Media’s platforms, quickly evolved to a larger scope, for the spot to run across broadcast TV as the team at Vox Creative shared the idea for the spot itself: to create a thriller-like film reminding everyone it is illegal to drive high – even if you are being chased by a masked man with an axe.

In the spot, directed by the award-winning Vincent Peone, we see two guys running for their lives, sprinting from a lurking masked man wiedling nothing but an axe. As the two guys find their truck and turn the ignition on, they remember it’s illegal to drive high. As they switch seats to safely and responsibly flee from the scene, a song plays reminding everyone not to drive high. It’s an original song, created in collaboration with Vox Creative and production company, Artclass and was written, performed and produced by Daniel Grimsland.

As part of the fully integrated campaign, in addition to the 30-second TV spot running on broadcast in the coming weeks, the brand studio also created an upcoming custom 30-second radio spot. A 80-second version of the film will run via branded content on – as well as distributed via Vox Media’s proprietary ad marketplace, Concert.

Vox Creative also created movie posters for the spot, with fake reviews to promote the campaign on social, as well as :15 social cuts that will run on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Creative Credits

Agency: Vox Creative

Heather Pieske, Executive Creative Director

AJ Gutierrez, Creative Director

Tina Nguyen, Head of Production

Daniel Littlewood, Executive Producer

Jessica Barbosa, Producer

Mike Mueller, Senior Content Manager

Lauren O’Connell, Designer

Production Company: Artclass

Vincent Peone, Director

Lindsay Cortiana, Line Producer

Client/BrandAd Council/NHSTA

Campaign”Don’t Drive High”Shoot Date2/5/20

Director, Office of Consumer Information, AdCouncil/NHSTASusan McMeen

Marketing Specialist: AdCouncil/NHSTA, Kil-Jae Hong

Agency: Vox Creative

Heather Pieske, Executive Creative Director, Vox Creative

AJ Gutierrez, Director

Mike Mueller, Senior Content Manager

Jessica Barbosa, Line Producer

Production Company: ArtClass

Director: Vincent Peone

DP: Justin Derry

Managing Director: Geno Imbriale

Executive Producer: Kate Aspell

Head of Production: Sparkle Jones

Line Producer: Lindsay Cortiana

Post Production: ArtClass

Editor: James Lee

Sound/Music Company: TJ Dumser

Composer: Daniel Grimsland

Color Company: CO3

Colorist: Jaime O’Bradovich

Color Producer:

Cast / Talent - “Bag Man Serial Killer” Matthew Van Orden

Cast / Talent - “Connor” Aaron Kheifets

Cast / Talent - “AJ”Jeff Ayars

Location #1Pastimes Cabin - Folkston, GA