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Vox Media introduces Concert Ad Manager, a self serve tool for marketers

The user-friendly tool will allow brands of all sizes to build custom Athena ad units to run across a collection of trusted media brands within the Concert and Concert Local marketplaces

Today, Vox Media announces Concert Ad Manager, a self-service tool giving brands, particularly small and medium size businesses, the ability to build and deploy advertising campaigns at scale, across premium publishers within the Concert and Concert Local marketplaces.

“Until now, scaled access to top tier publisher environments has been inaccessible to the vast majority of marketers”, said AJ Frucci, VP of Programmatic Advertising and head of Concert. “With Concert Ad Manager, we are extending the unique pillars of Concert – centralized access to the best publishers at scale, powered by a beautiful and effective creative solution – to a broader pool of marketers than ever before.”

Concert Ad Manager offers advertisers an effective, trusted alternative to reach audiences at scale on the open web, without compromising quality or brand safety. Advertisers can access inventory across the Concert marketplace including publishers like NBC Universal, Penske Media, Quartz, and more in addition to Vox Media’s 13 topically diverse networks – reaching over 230 million unique monthly visitors. Brands will also have access to ad inventory across the Concert Local marketplace, that includes dozens of local media brands like Advance Local, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, Dallas Morning News, Star Tribune, Tampa Bay Times, and Texas Monthly, reaching 130 million unique monthly visitors.

The announcement of Concert Ad Manager comes at a time when brand interest in Vox Media’s Concert is at an all time high as marketers look for solutions that offer high performance, quality, and access to scale. Concert Ad Manager will meet a growing demand from smaller and medium size advertisers to access this trusted and sought-after publisher inventory on the open-web and is currently testing with about a dozen brands including Jupiter, RéVive Skincare and Parallel Markets.

The self-serve tool will provide businesses flexibility and control over where their ads are showing up. Advertisers can build their own custom Athena units, Vox Media’s proprietary ad solution that can host dozens of different formats including video and target based on location, audience interests, device or contextual channels including Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment and Luxury.

“As a brand looking for exposure beyond the traditional digital channels, Concert provides us reach to a large publisher network that would otherwise be challenging to access,” said Ross Goodhart, Co-Founder of Jupiter, one of the brands testing Concert Ad Manager in Beta. “Thus far, we’ve been impressed with the responsiveness and creativity of the team, and the ease of the platform to launch ads.”

Within Concert Ad Manager, advertisers can access a dashboard management system to easily create and submit ad campaigns for approvals, launch campaigns and see full transparency into the real-time performance of ads. Vox Media’s advertising operations team will oversee the product to ensure each and every ad is signed off on and quality remains consistent.

“Concert Ad Manager is incredibly easy to use,” said Abby Whitmer, Executive Director, Ecommerce, Digital & Social Marketing at RéVive Skincare, another brand testing the tool in Beta. “Having seen dozens of ad tech tools in my career, I can say that this is top-ranking in terms of ease of use. It was clearly created with the marketer in mind as it brought to life our existing assets within minutes and showcased them to the right audience.”

As part of the platform, Vox Media will also share creative best practices with advertisers to understand when and where ads perform best against considerations such as color, action words and video lengths, based on a unique knowledge set owned by Vox Media from creating over 12,000 custom proprietary ad units in the past 3-years.

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