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Vox Media Podcast Network Debuts Daily Morning Short-Form Podcast – Vox Quick Hits

 Vox Quick Hits offers audiences the unique ability to create a personal listening experience with a daily playlist – subscribe here.

Today, the Vox Media Podcast Network announced Vox Quick Hits, a daily morning podcast playlist with short-form episodes—each 10 minutes or less—spanning news, politics, and pop culture.

Available on all major podcast platforms, Vox Quick Hits encourages listeners to curate their personal listening experiences and audio routine, choosing the topics they’re interested in and discovering something new along the way. The daily content rundown includes a mix of episodes covering crucial news and political developments, cultural trends, recommendations from TV/film and book critics, consumer spending habits and trends, and answers to just plain weird and fascinating questions.

Vox Quick Hits episodes are hosted by Today, Explained host Sean Rameswaram as well as Worldly co-host Zack Beauchamp, Culture Writer and Book Critic Constance Grady, Deputy Editor of The Goods Meredith Haggerty, Deputy Editor of The Goods Alanna Okun, Business and Politics Reporter Emily Stewart, Critic-at-large Emily VanDerWerff, Worldly co-host Alex Ward, Film Critic and Culture Reporter Alissa Wilkinson, Worldly co-host Jenn Williams, and The Weeds co-host Matt Yglesias.

This is the second short-form audio podcast from Vox. Recode Daily, hosted by senior reporter Teddy Schleifer, debuted last fall and covers the most important Silicon Valley people, businesses, and stories that are influencing the rest of the world.

Find Vox Quick Hits in your favorite podcast app or Google Assistant Devices.

About Vox:

Vox explains the news. In a world of too much information and too little context, too much noise and too little insight—Vox’s journalists candidly shepherd audiences through politics and policy, business and pop culture, science, and everything else that matters, empowering its audience with the context they need to answer questions they didn’t know they had. Vox is home to influential verticals including Recode, The Goods, and The Highlight; a robust podcast lineup featuring “Today, Explained,” “The Weeds,” and more; and award-winning video production with popular series like “Explained” on Netflix, “Missing Chapter” and “Earworm” on YouTube, and “Glad You Asked” for YouTube Originals.

About the Vox Media Podcast Network:

Named by Adweek as 2020’s “Podcast Network of the Year,” Vox Media Podcast Network has over 200 active shows featuring industry-leading editorial voices and storytellers from Vox Media’s networks and beyond. From daily news and tech, to culture and sports, and from talk and interview shows to news and rich narrative storytelling, the Vox Media Podcast Network is one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most topically-diverse collections of premium podcasts. Learn more about the Vox Media Podcast Network here.