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Insights & Innovation: The Vox Media Audience’s Resilient Outlook For 2021

(and Dry January is taking the year off)

Coming out of a year where we’ve had minimal control and a lot of time to reflect, the Vox Media audience will be welcoming 2021 with a resilient outlook. While they know that the year ahead will be filled with its own challenges, what truly sets this audience apart is their desire to power through and fight for change in spite of it all—both for themselves and society.

They are taking back psychological control and focusing their energies on making improvements where they can—their mental health, overall wellness, finances, and commitment to being a positive force in their communities.

It Starts With Their Mental Health & Overall Wellness
Coming out of a year that threw everyone off balance, different approaches to wellness, and positive mental stimulation will be top of mind for our audience.

They Are Getting Proactive & Financially Investing In The Future
The majority (70%) of our audience is also actively engaging in personal financial planning for 2021. When we asked them about specific actions they plan to take, they showed a hopefulness for a growing economy and named investing in the stock market as a top priority (56%).

Taking a more macro look, we classified these behaviors into three groups; Investors, Money Managers, and Savers. The majority of people are taking steps to invest their money in ways that will benefit them in the near and long term, showing an optimistic outlook for the economy.

The Vox Media Audience Raises A Glass To Connecting & Relaxing
While in years past, Dry January was used to reset and abstain from drinking alcohol, our audience is highly unlikely to participate this year—88% of the Vox Media audience consumes alcohol and 76% of those who consume say there is little possibility of not drinking in January.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise when factoring in that half (51%) of our audience drinks while socializing with others (in-person or virtually) and 56% enjoy a drink when relaxing alone.

When we asked our audience if they planned on consuming alcohol differently in 2021:

Our Audience Is Positively Motivated Going Into 2021
The Vox Media audience knows the next year will continue to be challenging, as 71% do not believe Americans will be more likely to resolve their differences in 2021 and 64% expect America to become more divided and/or intolerant. But this will not dissuade them from making an impact where they can. Simply put, they are committed to being a force for change with 88% planning to be a positive and motivating force in their community.

In summary, over the next year the Vox Media audience will be taking better care of themselves, focusing on their mental health, physical wellness, and investing in the future. In return they’ll be better suited to be positive and motivating forces in their communities, taking the necessary steps to better our society as a whole. That said, they still plan on drinking alcohol this year, because 2020 taught us the small wins are worth cheersing over too. Welcome to their year of resilience.