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New York Magazine and Curbed’s Nice Try! Podcast Returns With a New Season

In season two of Nice Try!, host Avery Trufelman will explore how our homes became private utopias.

Nice Try!: Interiors launches today

Today, Vox Media Podcast Network launched Nice Try!: Interior, the second season of the critically acclaimed podcast from New York Magazine and Curbed about humanity’s attempts at perfection. During season one, host Avery Trufelman took listeners on a quest through utopian experiments over the ages, from the Jamestown colony, to the scifi debacle that was Biosphere 2. This time, the seven-episode season will explore the home as utopia, taking a deeper look at the products consumers have been sold again and again in the service of self-improvement: mattresses that will help you sleep better, doorbells to keep you safe and secure, cookware to ensure proper nutrition and entertainment, and ever-improved home workout equipment.

“The second season of Nice Try! feels particularly relevant coming on the heels of a year spent largely at home,” says Trufelman. “This season is a fascinating ride – a lot of the products we focus on have objectively improved our lives, but in a lot of ways they’re treading water and rehashing old technologies. There’s a real circularity to it.”

The first episode of Nice Try!: Interior, about the evolution of the doorbell, is out today. New episodes of the show will be out weekly on Thursdays. Listen to the trailer here and follow the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Prior to hosting Nice Try!, Avery Trufelman was a producer on the award-winning design podcast 99% Invisible. In September of 2018, she launched a limited-run series about clothing and fashion called Articles of Interest, which was named one of the best podcasts of 2018 by The New Yorker, and the finale was called the “best podcast episode of the year” by Vulture. She was also the launch host of The Cut podcast.

About New York Magazine:

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