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At the first-ever On the Verge event, Zelle® teams up with Vox Media to showcase the ease of payments in a unique interactive experience

The event gave a nod to an old way of banking, while driving awareness of the Zelle® brand

Alyssa Ringler

Over the weekend at Vox Media’s first On the Verge event – the ten year anniversary celebration for technology network, the Verge – Zelle® partnered with Vox Media’s experiential team in combining Zelle® payments with a cheeky nod to nostalgic ways of banking, in a fun and immersive activation.

Using a high-speed tube delivery system, similar to the same pneumatic tubes you’d find in an old drive through bank, the activation was visually striking and immersive, allowing audiences to make safe and secure transfers with the tubes, promoting the Zelle® brand and driving awareness to the current days of digital banking.

When guests arrived at the activation they were directed to answer a poll question, with each question driving attention to Zelle being a fast, safe and easy way to send money to people and eligible businesses they know and trust. Once guests answered the question, they received a capsule to send through the tubes in an immersive, old school experience. Once sending the capsule through the tubes, a surprise came down a different tube as a prize for all participants.