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Vox Audio Launches New Series “The Future of Work” Across Podcasts Today, Explained, Recode Daily, The Weeds, and Vox Conversations

From labor shortages to remote work, these shows will explore the recent, dramatic changes in the American workplace — and whether these adjustments are permanent.

Today, Vox podcasts Today, Explained, Recode Daily, The Weeds, and Vox Conversations have teamed up to examine the recent, dramatic changes in the American workplace and whether the changes we’re seeing are permanent, in a new series—The Future of Work.

Vox’s flagship daily news podcast, Today, Explained, hosted by Sean Rameswaram, will kick off the eight-episode series today with special guest Rani Molla, senior data reporter at Recode, to discuss labor shortages, labor trends such as why certain industries are struggling to hire more than others, and how the pandemic has led to “The Great Resignation.” Additional episodes from Today, Explained include conversations about: the gig economy, with The Verge editor and reporter Josh Dzieza, the future of remote work, and a deep dive into rethinking our work-life balance. Recode Daily will publish two episodes about how technology is changing the future of work, and The Weeds will cover how remote work can reshape America’s cities. Vox Conversations will wrap up the series on November 29th with a discussion about Anne Helen Peterson and Charles Warzel’s new book “Out of Office.”

New episodes will drop every Friday, beginning today on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts. See the full slate of episodes below.


The Future of Work Series Schedule

Today, Explained

Friday, October 29: The labor shortage?

Friday, November 5: What is the future of remote work?

Friday, November 12: Who holds the power in the gig economy?

Friday, November 19: How to stop working?

Recode Daily

Friday, November 12: The bosses are watching you

Friday, November 19: The future of automated work

The Weeds

Friday, November 12: How remote work could reshape America’s cities

Vox Conversations

Monday, November 29: “Out of Office:” Anne Helen Petersen and Charlie Warzel discuss their new book.

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