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Vulture Wraps Its Eighth Annual Pop Culture Extravaganza Vulture Festival

After hosting a virtual event in 2020, Vulture Festival returned to Los Angeles for an incredible array of actors in conversation, screenings, sing alongs, and unique surprises.

Rich Fury / Getty Images for Vulture

Vulture wrapped its eighth annual pop culture extravaganza Vulture Festival, which took place at The Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles from November 13th to 14th. The festival featured an incredible array of actors in conversation, screenings, sing alongs, and unique surprises, with talent including Issa Rae, Elle Fanning, Jeff Goldblum, Carrie Brownstein, Seth Rogen, the cast of Dancing with the Stars, and more.

Highlights from Vulture Festival are below. For more, check out and follow Vulture on Twitter and Instagram.

Dancing with the Stars cast member JoJo Siwa revealed her pre-show ritual with dancing partner Jenna Johnson:

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, stars of The Great, discussed some highlights from the show’s second season, which is out on Hulu on November 19th. Fanning recalled actor Gillian Anderson’s reaction to the set when she came on to shoot: “She had watched the first season, of course – and when she came on she could not get a word that means this was not a location. Did not think it was real. She was like a mother, like… taking photos of everything on the set. She was so flabbergasted.” Hoult mentioned the food onset is very good, but shared one unsettling moment: “We had ice cream and me and Belinda, who plays Aunt Elizabeth, were so excited about a scene where we just got to eat ice cream, but it was actually made out of lard so it wouldn’t melt. That was the closest I ever got to being really upset this whole season.”

Rich Fury / Getty Images for Vulture

Issa Rae firmly shut down the possibility of ever doing an Insecure movie: “No, I have no desire to do a movie. If you see that an Insecure movie is out, it means that I’m down bad. Just know she really need the money. Now I gotta keep my coin up, so now I could never do a movie.”

Issa Rae and Yvonne Oriji
Tommaso Bodi / Getty Images for Vulture

Seth Rogen revealed he ruined Christmas for a Freaks and Geeks co-star when he told him Santa Claus wasn’t real.

Queen Sugar’s Kofi Siriboe talked about where Hollywood is with regard to celebrating and nurturing Black creativity: “I feel like we celebrate it. I feel like we could do a better job of nurturing it. We celebrate people winning and us being able to tell stories but systemically there’s still filters. There’s still people who have to greenlight those stories. So naturally our stories get diluted. We try and concentrate certain aspects of our culture and we’re not able to talk about the nuance and the dimensional fullness of being Black. There’s so many facets that we don’t touch. And if we do it’s surface. But then we’re supposed to celebrate. Like, praise it. There’s balance because as a Black actor I do want to celebrate our wins and I want to give kudos where kudos is necessary, but the bigger problem is the system. How statistically systemically we’re not being represented. I don’t care how much you see us right now, we’re not being represented. Even this little fraction of representation is still disrespectful in a lot of ways when you experience being Black.”

Kofi Siriboe and Bianca Lawson
Rich Fury / Getty Images for Vulture