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Fan Communities Arrowhead Pride and Bucs Nation Lead SB Nation’s Super Bowl LV Coverage

SB Nation is supercharging its audio programming across The SB Nation NFL Show, Arrowhead Pride, and Bucs Nation podcasts with “Digital Radio Row”

SB Nation

As the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers prepare to meet in Tampa Bay, FL on Sunday, February 7 for Super Bowl LV, SB Nation fans can follow the latest news, commentary, and analysis across the network. Stay tuned for ongoing coverage from the Arrowhead Pride and Bucs Nation fan-centric communities, daily updates from the national SB Nation NFL Show podcast, local insight from the Arrowhead Pride and Bucs Nation podcasts, a new video from Secret Base, and sports betting coverage at DraftKings Nation.

SB Nation’s fan-centric communities: let’s talk Brady vs. Mahomes

Among SB Nation’s 32 team communities dedicated to the NFL, it’s prime time for Arrowhead Pride, the Kansas City Chiefs community, and Bucs Nation, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers community. As the local communities earn national attention, they will launch a weeklong slate of coverage including bold predictions, daily news and analysis, and more:

  • Bold predictions: Throughout the season, each community asks its contributors and top voices to make their boldest predictions. This week, the trend continues as staff makes their picks on the final score, major plays, or player performance leading into the Super Bowl. On Bucs Nation fans can also vote for their favorite bold prediction before the big game.
  • News and analysis: Expect weeklong coverage of breaking news and press conferences — like roundups of the latest Arrowheadlines — along with analysis and insight into team trends, such as “What was the turning point of the 2020 season for the Buccaneers?” or “Communication is the special sauce to Reid-Mahomes dominance.”
  • Sheer fandom and hype: From Blane Howard’s ‘Run It Back’ video to fan predictions on the Bucs playoff run, Arrowhead Pride and Bucs Nation prioritize the enthusiasm and fandom that drives everything they do.
  • Game Day Threads: On Super Bowl Sunday, fans can join thousands of Arrowhead Pride and Bucs Nation community members on Game Day Threads, the go-to place for comments, reactions, and conversation with other fans, all while following the game together.
  • FanShops: Dress the part with a collection of things fans love. The Arrowhead Pride and Bucs Nation FanShops offer shirts, hats, jerseys, bobbleheads, and much more gear to show pride in the community, team, and city.

Check out the communities on Twitter at @ArrowheadPride and @Bucs_Nation.

Bonus from the Secret Base storytelling community:
On Saturday, February 6, Secret Base will publish a new episode of “Collapse” dedicated to the Jacksonville Jaguars who, at the end of the 2017 season, were 10 minutes away from the Super Bowl…until Tom Brady happened. Their seemingly insurmountable lead proved quite surmountable as Brady pulled off a comeback, and Jacksonville went into a tailspin that they are still trying to pull out of. Their collapse occurred in record time and shows just how hard it is to get to the Super Bowl — let alone win the whole thing.

Audio: The SB Nation NFL Show, 3X daily, from SB Nation’s “Digital Radio Row”

Known for its daily football analysis and an all-star cast of experts from SB Nation’s NFL team communities, The SB Nation NFL Show podcast is ramping up coverage ahead of Super Bowl LV. Now, the show is adding a third daily segment and, absent the traditional radio row, hosting a daily slate of interviews with big-name guests from their “Digital Radio Row.” Fans can also hear from SB Nation favorites Pete Sweeney, host of the Arrowhead Pride podcast, and Evan Winter, host of the Bucs Nation podcast. Each discussion will offer fans insider updates, in-depth analysis, and deeper conversations about Super Bowl LV —coming to you three times each day.

Beginning on February 1, audiences have access to a daily morning quick hit known as the NFL Daily Kickoff (5AM ET), mid-day programming with an hourlong deep dive on the Super Bowl, NFL at large, and the NFL Draft (1PM ET), and an evening roundtable discussion. Throughout the day, listeners will hear from guests from SB Nation’s “Digital Radio Row”; this week, we’ll welcome current and former NFL players including Deion Sanders, Kyler Murray, and Ross Tucker, as well as analysts such as NFL analyst and co-host of PFF NFL podcast Sam Monson, co-host of Around the NFL Gregg Rosenthal, top NFL analyst Warren Sharp from Sharp Football, Evan Silva from Establish the Run, Charles McDonald, Senior Writer from USA Today’s For the Win and Mike Renner from PFF Football News and Analysis. In addition to special programming, the hosts will call for audience questions on Twitter.

Who has the edge in Super Bowl LV? DraftKings Nation looks at each position.

For SB Nation’s DraftKings Nation, there’s only one way to watch the Super Bowl: With friends, food, and ridiculous amounts of wagering action on even the most fractionally-relevant minutiae of the game.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, the DraftKings Nation community — one launched in partnership with DraftKings and dedicated to real-time fantasy and sports betting analysis — provides a complete look at how odds and fantasy football are implicated in the biggest matchup of the year. And it’s expected to be a tight one; “This game has a spread of just three points with the Chiefs favored, but there is no truly overwhelming favorite in this game,” DraftKings Nation predicts in its new Super Bowl preview 2021. The sports betting community also dives deeper, by offering the best prop bets to consider for coin toss, fat guy touchdown, MVP, and more.

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