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Jamil Smith to join Vox as Senior Correspondent

Vox vice president Allison Rockey announced today that Jamil Smith is joining the network as a Senior Correspondent. At Vox, he will interrogate the biggest problems society faces across politics, race, and culture and bring to light new solutions for creating a more just and equitable society. His work will stretch across the website and Vox’s podcasting slate, and he will partner with the Vox video team on programming for Vox’s YouTube channel as well as other streaming and TV projects. His new role begins April 19th.

“We are always looking for journalists who can excel across writing, podcasting and video with talents such as Jamil’s,” Vox’s vice president, Allison Rockey says, “but to find all those skills, plus a genuine curiosity for how the world works and deep empathy for his subjects is rare. We are thrilled to be welcoming Jamil to Vox.”

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Jamil was most recently a Senior Writer with Rolling Stone, where he covered politics, social justice, and culture—including writing the magazine’s most recent cover story, a profile of actor John David Washington.

“Jamil is a sharp, clear thinker who takes on the major issues plaguing our country and thinks through solutions. Above all, Jamil writes with moral authority and pushes all of us, and our society, to a higher standard,” says Vox’s editor in chief, Swati Sharma.

Jamil’s career has run the gamut from politics to sports and back again—from Emmy Award-winning work as a producer with both NFL Films and MSNBC, to reporting and commentary for MTV News and The New Republic (where he also hosted the podcast “Intersection”). His work has been featured on the cover of Time, on the airwaves at WNYC and KCRW, and on the opinion pages of the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Vanity Fair, and the Washington Post.

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