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Vox’s Missing Chapter Returns for Season Two

The award-winning video series from Vox premieres today on Vox’s YouTube Channel

Missing Chapter, Vox’s award-winning video series that sheds light on overlooked historical events deep within marginalized communities returns today for a second season. Produced by Ranjani Chakraborty, Missing Chapter, tells the stories that don’t often make it into our textbooks. From forced assimilation to forced evictions, to racial violence, to genocide, each story not only unveils traumatic historical events from the past but how they are connected to the present-day—creating a space for survivors and descendants while educating the world around us.

In this new season, Ranjani Chakraborty will explore five stories from different moments in history using Vox’s signature approach to animation, archival images, and original interviews. The first episode will look at how modern Chinatown architecture developed as a response to anti-Chinese racism in San Francisco following the 1906 earthquake. Upcoming episodes will examine the history of the Black Panther Party and the legacy of Fred Hampton, Chavez Ravine, the Mexican-American communities in Los Angeles that were evicted to build Dodger Stadium, the history of the Hawaiian island of Kaho’olawe, and the history of how radical women in the Bronx and Brooklyn used community gardening to fight against city neglect.

“After receiving such overwhelming support from educators and audiences from season one, we knew we wanted to tell more stories. We spent the last few months reporting, writing, and figuring out how to make this happen in a pandemic. I’m incredibly proud of this season, which continues to use history to give context to our present,” says producer Ranjani Chakraborty.

The first episode of Missing Chapter is available to stream now on Vox’s YouTube Channel, with additional episodes coming each Monday through June 7.

About Ranjani Chakraborty

Ranjani Chakroborty is a Brooklyn-based video journalist, senior producer, and host of Missing Chapter at Vox, where her work focuses largely on history, racial justice, and inequality — and how they all intersect. Previously, she was the first-ever Vox-ProPublica fellow, where she worked in both newsrooms to create videos that combined Vox’s visual style with ProPublica’s deep investigative reporting. She’s also produced with independent documentary companies, Al Jazeera America, NBC News, and National Geographic.

About Vox

Vox explains the news. In a world of too much information and too little context, too much noise and too little insight—Vox’s journalists candidly shepherd audiences through politics and policy, business and pop culture, science, and everything else that matters, empowering its audience with the context they need to answer questions they didn’t know they had. Vox is home to influential verticals including Recode, The Goods, and The Highlight; a robust podcast lineup featuring “Today, Explained,” “The Weeds,” and more; and acclaimed video production with popular series like “Explained” on Netflix, and “Missing Chapter” and the Emmy Award-winning show “Earworm” on YouTube.