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Recode’s Land of the Giants Podcast Launches “Delivery Wars” in Collaboration with Eater

Through original reporting and narrative storytelling, the new series will explore the food delivery industry, hosted by Ahmed Ali Akbar—subscribe here

Today, Recode’s award-winning narrative franchise, Land of the Giants, and Eater have teamed up to kick off a special mini-series, “Delivery Wars.” Hosted by food writer and host of See Something, Say Something, Ahmed Ali Akbar, the new series will explore how food delivery became a multi-billion dollar industry, and the effects it has had on restaurants, workers, and consumers.

The four-part episodic series will delve into how food delivery apps are changing the way we eat—within a couple of clicks—and how the third party app ecosystem has dramatically changed consumer behavior, created new job markets, and disrupted small businesses, with co-hosting from special guests Jason Del Ray, Recode’s senior correspondent, and Amanda Kludt, Eater’s editor-in-chief.

Listen to the trailer, which is out today, and subscribe to Land of Giants for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

About Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants is a narrative podcast about the five technology giants — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, or FAANG — and how they dominate our lives, for better or for worse. In its first season and second season, the show covered the rise of Amazon with Recode’s senior commerce correspondent Jason Del Rey and streaming giant Netflix with Recode’s senior correspondent Peter Kafka and senior data reporter Rani Molla.

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