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The Verge to Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary With Its First Major Live Event—On The Verge

Today, The Verge announced its first major live event — On The Verge — in celebration of its 10-year anniversary and a chance to discover what’s coming next. From Friday, October 22 to Saturday, October 23, guests will enjoy exhibits, explorations, special guests, and so much more, at an event dreamed up with a future-forward lens and inspired by classic world’s fairs. Taking place in New York City at Spring Studios, On The Verge will look ahead at what’s to come through digital art, interactive experiences, product demos, main stage talks, and a major opening night party.

“On The Verge isn’t just a party — it’s our extremely strange future, coming to life,” said Nilay Patel, editor-in-chief of The Verge.

Verge fans attending the event will hear from the next generation of creators and the people who are building the future of culture. Special musical guests include rapper, producer, and songwriter Ricky Desktop, whose beats played in more than 20 million TikTok videos in the year 2020. Guest speakers at the event include Paul Davison and Maya Watson, CEO and Head of Marketing for Clubhouse; Kishonna Gray, PhD, author and professor; and Metakovan, financier of Metapurse, the world’s largest NFT fund. Additionally, Verge writers and editors including editor-in-chief Nilay Patel, executive editor Dieter Bohn, senior reporter Ashley Carman, deputy editor Liz Lopatto, and contributing editor Casey Newton will be moderating talks and mingling with guests.

Tickets cost between $199, for those purchased before August 23, to $349 for VIP access. More details will be announced in the coming weeks. Sign up to stay updated here.

Note: COVID is still here, and the health and safety of everyone at the event will be The Verge’s first priority. Everyone attending the event will be required to follow masking protocols and provide confidential proof of vaccination. Learn more about safety precautions on our website.

About The Verge

The Verge is an ambitious multimedia effort founded in 2011 to examine how technology will change life in the future for a massive mainstream audience. Our original editorial insight was that technology had migrated from the far fringes of the culture to the absolute center as mobile technology created a new generation of digital consumers. Now, we live in a dazzling world of screens that has ushered in revolutions in media, transportation, and science. The future is arriving faster than ever, and The Verge brings you what’s next