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New York Magazine’s Investigative Podcast Series, Cover Story, Returns for Second Season

Cover Story: Seed Money premieres today and features the story of a Montana billionaire and the spy who accused him of running a sex trafficking network.

New York Magazine and the Vox Media Podcast Network are releasing the second season of Cover Story, its investigative podcast series. Premiering today, Cover Story: Seed Money tells the full story of Michael Goguen, a Montana based billionaire, and Matthew Marshall, the ex-spy, who accused him of running a “sexual enterprise.” Goguen made headlines over the years after losing his job as a venture capitalist at Sequoia Capital after a stripper filed a lawsuit, which was eventually dismissed, for sexual and psychological abuse. That’s the story the world heard, but it’s not nearly as outrageous as what actually happened.

Told over six episodes premiering weekly on Tuesdays, Cover Story is hosted by New York’s editorial director of audio and former co-host of Invisibilia, Hanna Rosin, and investigative reporter Ken Silverstein, and features exclusive on the record interviews with Goguen and Marshall as they share their version of the truth about their business, their break-up, their lies and their highly embarrassing text messages. Rosin and Silverstein dig through police records, speak to Goguen’s alleged victims, and interview witnesses, but it’s hard to sort truth from fiction as they discover that almost everyone is lying to them.

“We started out thinking this is one of those stories that comes around once in a blue moon,” says Rosin. “The truth turned out to be even more absurd than what we’d been told.” And while discovering the truth they learned a few other things: how the super rich behave when no one is looking, how a first class manipulator operates, and how privately funded spy operations really work.

Cover Story: Seed Money premieres on Tuesday, October 25. Episodes will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes will be out every Tuesday. Cover Story: Power Trip, the first season of the series, was released earlier last year and reached #1 on Spotify’s true crime charts.

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