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Vox Media Announces Leadership for Editorial Brands and Studios

President Pam Wasserstein shared the leadership structure for editorial and studios teams following the acquisition of Group Nine.

Vox Media president Pam Wasserstein today announced the editorial and studios leadership for the company following its acquisition of Group Nine. Wasserstein now oversees all editorial and content creation at the combined company, including its studios and podcasting business, maximizing the potential for intellectual property development, more easily sharing knowledge across the organization, and ensuring streamlined platform strategy. Together, these premium editorial brands have unequaled relevance and reach, covering all major topics of audience interest, including sports; news and policy; entertainment and culture; food and restaurants; lifestyle and wellness; science and tech; and pets and animals. The studios business produces shows for 50+ distribution partners and encompasses the Vox Media Podcast Network, one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most topically diverse collections of premium podcasts.

PAM WASSERSTEIN – President, Vox Media

“I’m so proud to oversee the massively talented editorial teams and creators at Vox Media. They have cultivated deep bonds with their audiences, earning their trust and attention with smart analysis, compelling storytelling, and must-watch videos. I’m looking forward to unlocking new opportunities as these teams come together,” said Pam Wasserstein.

The leadership structure that follows creates groups of brands based on overlapping editorial goals and is generally led by group publishers; each editorial brand is led by a publisher, who sets its strategy and oversees all of the brand’s teams.

The Dodo and SB Nation

YuJung Kim will be group publisher for these two brands, with a shared focus on social communities:

  • The DodoYuJung Kim will also serve as publisher of The Dodo, and Izzie Lerer continues as chief creative strategist.
  • SB Nation — Jermaine Spradley will be publisher of SB Nation. John Ness and Bryan Graham continue as VPs overseeing most SB Nation communities.

Eater, Popsugar, Punch and Thrillist

Amanda Kludt will be group publisher for these four brands, with a shared focus on food and lifestyle:

  • Eater Amanda Kludt will also serve as publisher of Eater. Stephanie Wu continues as Eater’s executive editor.
  • Popsugar — Angelica Marden will be publisher of Popsugar. Sade Strehlke continues as editor-in-chief.
  • PunchTalia Baiocchi continues as Punch’s editor-in-chief.
  • Thrillist — Meghan Kirsch will be publisher of Thrillist. Helen Hollyman continues as editor-in-chief.

New York Magazine

David Haskell continues as the magazine’s editor-in-chief, and serves as its group publisher:

  • Curbed, Grub Street and The Strategist — Alexis Swerdloff continues as the magazine’s deputy editor, where she oversees these teams and serves as their publisher. Sukjong Hong continues as editor of Curbed, Alan Sytsma continues as editor of Grub Street, and Maxine Builder continues as editor of The Strategist.
  • The Cut — Lindsay Peoples Wagner continues as editor-in-chief and serves as publisher.
  • Intelligencer — Jeb Reed continues as editor.
  • Vulture — Neil Janowitz continues as editor and serves as publisher.

NowThis and Vox

Melissa Bell will be group publisher for these two brands, with a shared focus on news:

  • NowThisAthan Stephanopoulos will be publisher of NowThis. Sam Mackereth continues as executive editor.
  • VoxMelissa Bell will also serve as publisher of Vox. Swati Sharma continues as editor-in-chief; Allison Rockey as VP, Vox; and Emily Anderson as VP, Vox Video and TV.

Polygon and The Verge

Chris Grant will be group publisher for these two brands, with a shared focus on technology, entertainment and gaming:

  • PolygonChris Grant will also serve as publisher of Polygon. Chris Plante continues as editor-in-chief.
  • The Verge — Helen Havlak will be publisher of The Verge. Nilay Patel continues as editor-in-chief of The Verge, which now includes Seeker’s work.


Marty Moe continues as president, overseeing the TV, film, and podcasting teams:

  • Vox Media Podcast Network — Nishat Kurwa continues as VP and executive producer, and Ray Chao continues as GM of audio.
  • Vox Media Studios — Chad Mumm will be chief creative officer for Vox Media Studios, and Mark Olsen will be SVP, business affairs and production.

Creative and Editorial

Editorial leadership also includes two leaders who will work across all brands:

  • Ian Adelman continues as head of creative for Vox Media’s editorial properties, focused on their audience experience and brand expression, in close partnership with Product, Design, Technology, and Analytics.
  • Tom Giratikanon continues as deputy publisher for Vox Media, working on editorial strategy and operations.


About Vox Media

Vox Media is the leading modern media company, reaching audiences everywhere they are.

Known for editorial properties including Vox, SB Nation, New York Magazine, The Dodo, and NowThis, the company’s portfolio features the most relevant, respected, and engaging editorial properties and voices. The company is also home to award-winning storytelling businesses such as Vox Media Studios and the Vox Media Podcast Network, as well as innovative technologies that support the entire media industry, including the Concert advertising marketplace.

Vox Media proves that quality can scale.