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Vox Creative’s Explainer Studio collaborates with Marriott Bonvoy to show the positive effects travel has on our brains

The ‘Your Brain On Travel’  content series educates viewers on the cognitive benefits of travel, using explainers, quizzes, written content and social videos

Proven in a scientific study (Institute for Applied Research), 97% of people report that anticipating a planned trip can deliver significant mental health benefits, making you happier even before you take off, and can last for weeks after you’ve come home. In an effort to help inspire travel and shed light on the positive effects it has on the mind, Vox Media’s award-winning brand studio, Vox Creative, in collaboration with Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International’s award-winning travel program, have utilized the Explainer Studio to create ‘Your Brain on Travel,’ a multi-platform content series.

With the help of experts and credible sources like professor and neuroscientist Dr. Beau Lotto, and psychologist, author, and lecturer at Harvard, Dr. Shelley Carson, ‘Your Brain on Travel’ features a 4-minute explainer video that showcases the science on how travel and exposure to enriched environments can promote growth and renewal of connections, build stimuli and complexify the brain, all leading to an increase in contentment and prevention of cognitive delay. A cutdown version of the explainer is currently running Tik Tok.

The series also includes detailed feature articles of artists narrating their journey through life-changing trips that changed their worldview. From igniting creative fuel by facing fears in Cancun, gaining inspiration from the Pacific Coast Highway, to finding a powerful connection with wine in France, each story evokes palpable sensory detail around powerful moments, shares the inspirations behind the trip, and shows who they are today because of it. Each written article ran on a relevant Vox Media brand, ranging from The Verge to Vox to Eater.

The Vox Creative team also created an interactive quiz to help you unlock the science behind your next vacation, inspiring users for their next trip. Marriott Bonvoy and Vox Media’s Explainer Studio developed a unique quiz that asks a series of sensory questions, directing you to the perfect destination with a Marriott hotel where you can take your body, brain, and mind on a singularly awe-inspiring trip.

About Vox Creative

Vox Creative is Vox Media’s award-winning brand studio. Vox Creative’s team of strategists, writers, storytellers, and analysts create original content and experiences that connect brands with influential audiences across Vox Media’s editorial networks and beyond. Vox Creative’s work spans short and long-form video, podcasts, explainers, experiential, shoppable content and more. They’ve built houses, invented cocktails, produced documentaries, traveled inside companies to uncover untold stories, and, on rare occasions, have gone to the moon.

About the Explainer Studio

Inspired by Vox’s signature storytelling approach, Explainers bond brands and consumers over shared interests and curiosities. Blending research, creativity and humanity, Explainers help our audience understand a brand’s product, its technologies, its worldview, and its cultural impact. Since launching in 2017, the Explainer Studio has created original content with over 100 major brands.