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The Vox Media Podcast Network Shares New Audience Data at the IAB Podcast Upfront

In a survey, VMPN found that 97% of their audience trusts Vox Media to create relevant and entertaining podcasts.

There’s never been a better time to partner with VMPN. Each month, we reach millions of loyal listeners who are passionate about our content — including branded podcasts.

In a survey of devoted VMPN listeners, we found that the vast majority (68%) say they would listen to a branded podcast created in partnership with one of their favorite VMPN shows, and a whopping 98% of our audience is open to branded podcasts.

TRUST: 97% of the VMPN audience trusts Vox Media to create relevant and entertaining podcasts. They are extremely loyal to their favorite shows, with 75% listening to most episodes as soon as they are released.

ACTION: 86% of the VMPN audience has taken action after hearing about a brand or service on one of our podcasts, including making a purchase from the brand, using a promo code, and visiting the brand’s website.

DISCOVERY: Two-thirds (66%) of the VMPN audience will try a new podcast if it’s recommended by a VMPN host and the subject matter is similar to the host’s show. Our hosts are in a prime position to raise awareness; their recommendations are three times (25%) more motivating than recommendations from a podcast app (8%).


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