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The Dodo Partners with TeleTails to Launch DodoVet, a TeleHealth Subscription Service for Pets

Pet parents will have access to licensed veterinary health professionals for 24/7 support

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The Dodo, the #1 home for pet parents, today announced it is partnering with TeleTails, a veterinary telehealth platform, to launch DodoVet, a brand new subscription service that will bring best-in-class pet telehealth support directly to pet parents. For $19.99 per month, or $99 for a six-month subscription, DodoVet subscribers and their pets can meet virtually with licensed veterinary professionals to talk about medical, behavioral or general care questions – anytime, anywhere. No question is “too gross, silly or weird,” according to the DodoVet website, which offers help with issues ranging from what to do when your cat won’t stop peeing on the bed to advice for allowing a rescue dog to decompress.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen the upward trends in both pet parenthood and telehealth adoption, and The Dodo saw a major opportunity to expand telehealth services to the pet market,” said Katy Brink, Executive Editor at The Dodo. “Our audience is increasingly coming to us as the go-to source for recommendations on how to be the best pet parent possible, and we’re confident that DodoVet will stand out as the televeterinary provider pet parents love and trust.”

A​​t launch, TeleTails will integrate DodoWell content into the platform, personalized to be relevant to your pet based on age, breed, time of year, etc. By combining instant 24/7 access to veterinary health specialists with DodoWell content, DodoVet will create a holistic knowledge base for pet parents to leverage throughout their parenthood journey.

“DodoVet offers a resource for pet parents that can’t be found in today’s market,” says Clay Bartlett, TeleTails’ CEO. “The access to TeleTails’ technology and professional services, combined with The Dodo’s deep knowledge base, will make us the go-to health and wellness resource. From when your pet first joins your family to senior care, we’ll be there every step of the way”

DodoVet will bring together the services of TeleTails’ team of highly-trained, compassionate vet pros with targeted DodoWell content specific to your pet in a complete digital pet wellness platform. Each subscriber receives personalized content, coaching, and resources which are relevant to their pet based on a number of factors, including age, breed, seasonality, and more. By combining these services and resources, DodoVet has created the most complete resource for pet parents looking for guidance when it comes to their pet’s wellbeing.

While DodoVet can answer medical questions with a high level of care, the service is explicitly not for emergencies, and subscribers will not be able to receive a diagnosis or prescription for their pets. When the best next step for a subscriber is to see a professional in-person, DodoVet will partner with the subscriber to provide referrals to local resources, like the best in-person vet or hospital, or local trainers and behaviorists (depending on cost, breed, ailment, etc.). Pet parents will also be able to revisit the same professional, allowing them to actually have a meaningful relationship with a vet pro vs. the transactional, one-time alternatives. DodoVet is not a vet or emergency-care replacement — it is the subscriber’s partner in making the best decisions for the pet, and avoiding unnecessary trips to the vet for pet parents who tend to have urgent questions around the clock.

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