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Kara Swisher to Launch New Podcast with Vox Media

The new twice-weekly show will feature agenda setting conversations, led by one of the most iconic journalists of our time, and be a sibling to New York Magazine’s Pivot franchise.

Vox Media announced the expansion of its partnership with journalist Kara Swisher, who will launch a new interview show for the Vox Media Podcast Network. The show will be a sibling to Pivot, the award-winning podcast Swisher co-hosts for New York Magazine with NYU Stern Marketing professor Scott Galloway. Pivot is reaching its largest audience ever, and has expanded into live events, video, social and more. In this new show Kara Swisher will employ the trademark insight, humor and humanity that has made her the pre-eminent interviewer in journalism today.

“It’s been a personal joy and honor of mine to know and work with Kara for over two decades,” says Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff. “She’s a force of nature and the best interviewer in journalism. Vox Media couldn’t be more excited to build off the unparalleled success of the Pivot franchise that we’ve built with her and Scott and to expand our partnership with her.”

Swisher’s new show will help listeners make sense of the moment through spirited, agenda setting conversations with leaders in business and tech, as well as other industries. Swisher, who joined Vox Media in 2015 when the company acquired the technology publication she co-founded, Re/code, launched Pivot with Galloway in 2018. Since its launch, Pivot has grown consistently year-over-year, reaching millions of monthly listeners, and evolving into a franchise with brand extensions across platforms. After hosting a successful virtual conference in 2020, Pivot entered the conference business earlier this year with Pivot MIA, a live event focused on the innovators shaping the future of tech. It also began producing video content via a partnership with Salesforce+, which releases four exclusive clips from the show every week.

“Vox Media has been a great creative partner over the course of the last seven years,” says Swisher. “So I am incredibly excited to expand my work with them on a new show that will be essential listening for the current moment, as well as continuing working (and sparring) with Scott on building out the Pivot universe across platforms. Be scared – be very scared.”

Swisher’s new show will join the Vox Media Podcast Network’s slate of acclaimed podcasts including Vox’s award-winning daily news podcast (and radio show) Today, Explained, former Manhattan U.S. attorney Preet Bharara’s weekly dissection of the news in power and policy, Stay Tuned, Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer’s true crime and storytelling podcast, Criminal, and more.

In addition to hosting Pivot, Swisher hosts and produces the annual Code Conference, which is the country’s leading conference on technology and media, taking place this year from September 6-8th in Los Angeles. Founded in 2003, the conference is known for its hard-hitting interviews with the leading players shaping technology and society, hosting Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Steve Jobs, Stacey Abrams, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Jeff Bezos, Susan Wojcicki, Sheryl Sandberg, and many others. Swisher also previously hosted the interview podcast, Recode Decode, which featured conversations about the week in tech with influential business leaders and outspoken personalities from media, politics, and more. Outside of Vox Media, Swisher was most recently a contributing writer for New York Times Opinion, and host of the Opinion Audio podcast, Sway.

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