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Vox Media’s award-winning brand studio, introduces the Vox Creative Social Club, a team dedicated to working with brands on social, following Group Nine acquisition

The offering connects brands with a team of short-form video specialists that create campaigns reaching Vox Media’s 350 million social followers and beyond, as the #1 publisher in social video and time spent on video

Thursday, June 9 – Today, Vox Media hosted their company upfront event, ‘Vox Media Now’ where Vox Media’s award-winning brand studio, Vox Creative introduced Vox Creative Social Club, a new social studio to allow brands to create campaigns that leverage the loyal followings and expertise that Vox Media’s editorial brands have amassed as the #1 publisher in social video and time spent on video (Tubular Labs, March 2022). The announcement follows Vox Media’s acquisition of Group Nine, making it easier for advertising partners to create engaging, social-driven campaigns across all major social media platforms.

Vox Media’s editorial brands have amassed over 350 million followers, becoming must-follow accounts across social channels, including being the top followed publisher on TikTok, generating over 130MM monthly video views across the platform (TikTok Analytics, March 2022). Its brands have collected massive followings and see significant reach and engagement each month, across categories: NowThis is the #1 followed news-curator on TikTok and is the #1 most-engaged digital-first news creator on Instagram, and the Dodo is #1 in Instagram engagement and in Facebook video views in the animals and pets category (Tubular, April 2022).

Every month, Vox Media’s editorial brands publish over 5,000 new videos across social platforms. With the new offering, advertising partners can draw from learnings from Vox Creative’s experience of working with over 200 brands on social, which have included custom sponsorships of established social franchises, including The Dodo’s Foster Diaries, or creating custom content tailored to each platform. The Vox Creative Social Club will help partners navigate half a dozen social channels, to understand what content works best where, and how to adapt to changes and trends on each platform.

“By now we all know that people are spending the majority of their time online. And because Vox Media is the leader in connecting with audiences through our editorial brands, across platforms, including social, we have a daily feedback loop on what works and what doesn’t. With Vox Creative Social Club, we can infuse what we learn into everything we create for advertisers across social, to drive performance and impact for our partners,” said Yosef Johnson, Head of Vox Creative. “And because these platforms are always changing, our team is able to adapt to the trends in real-time.”

The Social Club offers full-service creative and production capabilities for brands looking to create impactful content that is unique to each social platform, across Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. Brands can also tap a network of hundreds of creators and influencers that Vox Creative’s in-house talent and influencer team has cultivated, helping brands expand the reach of their campaigns.

“Great, high-performing social content is hard to do well, and even harder to do well over long periods of time. This is why the Vox Creative Social Club exists. We’re inviting brands and marketers into the fold to learn how to be nimble and agile, both of which are prerequisites to making short-form content that actually works,” said Ralph Hashemi Arend, VP, Video and Audio at Vox Creative. “We leverage our scale and production chops to connect with audiences in their feeds, capturing their attention and leaving them with something valuable. Part of our formula is knowing that the formula will always change rapidly, and that’s okay. We can keep up.”

Vox Creative Social Club joins other solutions like the Explainer Studio, inspired by Vox’s Explained franchise that has successfully extended to podcasts, YouTube and Netflix, and Epic Stories, a team of journalists and story hunters that helps brands uncover powerful true stories brought on by Vox Media’s acquisition of Epic Magazines. Vox Creative continues to leverage the scale across categories and formats to partner with brands to reach audiences across the Vox Media Podcast Network.