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New York Magazine’s The Cut Launches Digital Boutique, Giving its Readers a New Way to Shop

The Cut Shop will share shopping recommendations across fashion, beauty, wellness, and home products

The Cut Shop

Today, Lindsay Peoples, editor-in-chief of the Cut, is unveiling the Cut Shop, a new digital boutique that will give readers shopping recommendations spanning fashion, beauty, wellness, and home products. Thoughtfully curated, the Cut Shop will rely on the brand’s editors, writers, and taste-making guest experts, to help its audiences shop smarter.

The Cut Shop will feature columns like Where Did You Get That? where editors ask people super-specific questions about their very favorite objects, How Does It Fit? a showcase of how brands’ best selling garments look on the different body types across the Cut’s staff, Fashion Friend, a nonjudgmental, politely honest shopping-advice column, and Do I Need This? is a column dedicated to breaking down the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle launches that are actually worth the hype.

“With the Cut Shop, our hope is that we continue to inspire our community to move forward in the world with confidence and style,” said Peoples. “Our guiding principle is to be as trustworthy as your “fashion friend” that you rely on in your group chats.”

“The Cut has a unique viewpoint and voice that its audiences look to every day,” said Camilla Cho, SVP of eCommerce and performance marketing at Vox Media. “With the Cut Shop, we’ll add a new dimension to how the brand is servicing its readers, using data and learnings we have from how their readers engage with their editorial content, to help its readers shop smarter.”