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POPSUGAR Fitness Debuts New Season of Dance Fitsugar

The Class Fitsugar spin-off brings a fresh aesthetic and new cast of top dancers, choreographers, and trainers

POPSUGAR, the no. 1 most-viewed fitness publisher in the US on YouTube [source: Tubular Labs, June 2022], today announced a new season of Dance Fitsugar, a spin-off of POPSUGAR’s highly successful Class Fitsugar franchise. As one of the pioneers of at-home fitness in the internet age, the digital publisher delivers audiences a fresh look on its most successful video franchise, in addition to a new lineup of instructors who lead one-of-a-kind workouts that are both challenging and fun.

“POPSUGAR Fitness’ top goal has always been to provide people with motivation and tools to stay happy and healthy,” said Genevieve Farrell, Director of Fitness & Wellness Video. “Now we’re excited to incorporate new faces while bringing back our most popular video series, and can’t wait for everyone to see the new look, trainers, and studio that will enhance the at-home fitness experience even more.”

Every Friday, Dance Fitsugar will premiere new episodes featuring fun, choreographed routines that combine cardio and dances to hip-hop, latin and pop music. This season will also introduce brand new professional dancers, choreographers, and trainers to provide step-by-step guides to help motivate audiences. Some of POPSUGAR Fitness’ new featured trainers include:

Class Fitsugar, POPSUGAR’s tentpole IP franchise, also premiered a new season this summer, featuring a brand-new look and trainers, including:

As the #1 women’s fitness and wellness brand [source: ComScore, Q4 2021], POPSUGAR continues to develop its revamped Wellness vertical and social channels, offering exclusive content on each platform. Class Fitsugar and Dance Fitsugar will extend across POPSUGAR Wellness social channels, including TikTok, where you will get to know the hosts, see more behind the scenes, and learn more fitness tips and tricks.

“Our wellness vertical is extremely important to us and our audience, and we’ve invested in it heavily this year,” said Sade Strehlke, Editor-in-Chief. “POPSUGAR readers engage with our wellness content more than anything on our site, which is why it was important for us to launch the vertical, establish the Condition Center, and bring back a fan-favorite series in Dance Fitsugar.”

During the at-home fitness boom when gyms and studios were forced to close due to Covid concerns, POPSUGAR was well positioned to lean into social video and provide useful content for consumers across platforms. As a result, its POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel has amassed over 250M views in the past two years, and crossed the 6M subscriber mark earlier this summer. This year alone, the Class Fitsugar series has generated over 29M views to date.


POPSUGAR is the #1 women’s lifestyle brand [source: ComScore, Q4 2021]. The digital publisher reaches young women through its positive and purpose-driven content across multiple platforms, spanning entertainment, fitness, style, and shopping. POPSUGAR is part of Vox Media, the leading modern media company.