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SB Nation’s Secret Base to Premiere Three Part Documentary about the Iconic Relationship between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal

The first episode of “How to Make a Basket: Shaq vs. Kobe” premieres on Tuesday, October 24

Vox Media’s Secret Base, the award-winning sports documentary studio from SB Nation, announced their latest documentary, “How to Make a Basket: Shaq vs. Kobe,” a three part series premiering on Tuesday, October 24. From the team behind the award-winning Beef History franchise, “How to Make a Basket” thoughtfully examines the complicated relationship between Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, two of the most dynamic, successful NBA players in history. Together, they won three consecutive NBA championships, with plenty of love and celebration shared throughout. That is their legacy. But there were lows between those highs. Shaq and Kobe shared a unique relationship, and Shaq coined a phrase that is key in our understanding of a particular arc within their careers: Work beef. And while it should have focused on the right way to practice and play basketball, the feud turned increasingly personal.

“The complicated relationship between Shaq and Kobe has been reduced to a cultural reference and even a meme,” stated writer Seth Rosenthal. “‘How to Make a Basket’ is our attempt to interrogate an idea O’Neal has called “work beef” - how it originated and how it impacted historic success - with the thoughtfulness and consideration it deserves.”

The series is written by Rosenthal (writer of Chosen: the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 46-Year Title Quest, co-writer on The People You’re Paying to Be in Shorts) and produced by the team responsible for the Webby Award-winning video franchise Beef History.

Additional franchises from Secret Base include Dorktown, Rewinder, Beef History, and Prism. In addition, the team is behind Chosen, Collapse, Weird Rules, and more.

“How to Make a Basket: Shaq vs. Kobe” will premiere new episodes every Tuesday on Secret Base.

About Secret Base:

Secret Base is an SB Nation franchise that focuses on smart, captivating, entertaining stories that happen to be about sports, and finding unconventional ways to tell them. We take community very seriously, inviting our fans to come along with us as we go on various absurd journeys. We recognize that sports are silly, but it’s fun to take silly things seriously, and that’s exactly what we do. As such we fill a special place in sports media, tapping into a diverse and dedicated fan base across sports lovers and the people who “don’t like sports” alike.