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Official White House Photo by Erin Scott

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First Cat Willow Biden Gives The Dodo a Special Tour of The White House Holiday Decorations

The Dodo Visits First Lady Jill Biden and Willow Biden at the White House to celebrate the “Magic, Wonder, and Joy” of the Holidays

The Dodo, the #1 global digital publisher for pet and animal content [source: Tubular Labs, March 2023], today premiered a new video of Willow Biden, the First Family’s cat, during her second holiday season at the White House. The video features First Lady Jill Biden recounting how Willow chose her to be her mom, Willow playing with her gifts (and gift boxes!), and giving The Dodo a tour of the 2023 White House holiday décor celebrating the “Magic, Wonder, and Joy” of the holidays.

“Willow is such a cat, out of all the toys, of course she loved the gift box the most,” said Joanna Zelman, executive producer at The Dodo and on-camera host of the video. “The best part of the tour was definitely when Willow got distracted by the fake snow and rolled all around in it. She is also maybe the friendliest cat I’ve ever pet. And I’ve pet a lot of cats.”

Willow is a gray, short-haired tabby, who the Bidens first welcomed to the White House in January 2022. The Dodo previously premiered the first look at Willow’s life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, following her journey from a farm in Pennsylvania to the White House. Willow is named after Dr. Biden’s hometown, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

Official White House Photo by Erin Scott

As the #1 animal media brand on the internet, The Dodo created a revolutionary approach to social storytelling that positioned animals as the protagonists of their stories. The Dodo’s video with the White House, and series including “Dream Date” and “Animal House,” continue the media brand’s commitment to creating original, family-inclusive content that evokes joy across all age groups, influences the way we see pets as family, and makes loving animals a mainstream cause.

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The Dodo is the #1 most-viewed and most-engaged with animal brand globally [source: Tubular Labs, March 2023]. We tell positive, authentic, entertaining stories about animals that make people laugh, cry happy tears, feel ALL the feels, and fall in love with animals. The Dodo is part of Vox Media, the leading modern media company.