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Lindsay Schrupp Named Editor-in-Chief of Thrillist

“Lindsay is a seasoned journalist who has proven she knows how to inspire and manage a team but also set an editorial vision.”

Amanda Kludt, group publisher of Eater, Popsugar, Punch, and Thrillist, today announced that Lindsay Schrupp will be Thrillist’s new editor-in-chief. Schrupp will oversee the editorial organization and be a key partner to Kludt on shifting Thrillist from a generalist lifestyle brand to a publication focused on travel as well as local experiences in 20+ cities across the US. Schrupp begins her new role April 24.

“Lindsay is a seasoned journalist who has proven she knows how to inspire and manage a team but also set an editorial vision,” says Kludt. “In this moment when we are doubling down on Thrillist’s strengths — accessible and adventurous travel coverage and hyper local service journalism — it’s crucial to have an editorial leader who can energize around this mission.”

Schrupp will lead a team of around 30 staffers, including writers, editors, designers, and social media professionals. She will be responsible for the publication’s reporting, storytelling, and service journalism across all formats, audience growth and engagement, and brand expansion.

Schrupp was most recently the executive editor of MEL Magazine. She has also served as the editor-in-chief of Broadly, Vice’s former gender and identity-focused channel, and was the founding editor-in-chief of Courier Newsroom, where she built and ran seven local newsrooms with a focus on multi-platform storytelling. She’s produced award-winning podcasts, digital videos, and content slates, including Queerly Beloved, an ASME-nominated podcast; The Scarlet Letter Reports, a video series starring Amanda Knox; and The Gender Spectrum Collection, the world’s first free, gender-inclusive stock photo archive. Her awards include Webbys, Gracies, GLAAD and Digiday accolades for excellence and innovation in digital media.

“Thrillist has a history of dynamic and curious storytelling, and I believe it’s the perfect brand to surface the unique stories and shared experiences of the places we love — the ones we dream of visiting, and the ones just down the street,” says Schrupp.

About Thrillist

Thrillist was founded in 2005 as a local New York City newsletter, and expanded over the years into a multi-city network and destination for lifestyle coverage. It was acquired by Vox Media in 2022 alongside publications including Popsugar, The Dodo, and NowThis.