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Thrillist Launches ‘The [Scenic] Route,’ an International Take on the Great American Summer Road Trip

Thrillist is taking its summer road trip coverage all over the world this year, so buckle up.

Just in time for summer vacation planning, Thrillist launched its annual road trips package, “The [Scenic] Route,” on Tuesday. The collection of stories goes far beyond the all-American summer road trip, transporting travelers across borders and over oceans.

“The [Scenic] Route” features 15 international road trip guides—from coasting through Australia’s Outback and looping around Laos on a motorbike to scoping out Rwandan wildlife from the driver’s seat of an open-air Jeep—plus helpful explainers on international driver’s licenses, renting cars abroad, and more. There’s also a custom road trip playlist that you can listen to via Spotify. These international joyrides will have you yearning to hit the highway—no matter which side you’re used to driving on.

Check out the full package and beautifully designed experience page here.

The full list of stories is below:

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