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Vox Media Studios’ “Secret Chef” Brings Mystery to Cooking Competition

All 10 Episodes Available Now on Hulu 

Vox Media Studios’ next culinary series premiered today on Hulu. Produced with David Chang’s Majordomo Media and Wheelhouse’s Spoke Studios, “Secret Chef,” takes a playful twist and turn on the traditional culinary competition series. Ten contestants from all walks of life – from professional chefs and home cooks to social media influencers – are isolated in a secret underground kitchen labyrinth connected by a series of conveyor belts. Guided by a mischievous animated talking hat, the chefs are tasked to perform a series of cooking challenges. However, there are no judges, and the chefs must rate each other’s final dishes in blind taste tests. With their true identities concealed, everything will be hidden except the one thing that matters most … the food.

Contestants are Alexa Santos of Fort Lauderdale, FL; Anthony Bar, Los Angeles, CA; Anthony Langston, Denton, TX; Danielle Harris, Washington, D.C; Jazmin Tyler, Santa Monica, CA; Joshua Walbolt, Union, NJ; Leon Brunson, Tallahassee, FL; Poonam Ribadia, Brooklyn, NY; Stephenie Simmons, Seattle, WA; and Sydney Buck, Queens, NY.

“Secret Chef” is executive produced by Pam Healey, Scott Lonker, Will Nothacker and Liz Fine for Spoke Studios. Chad Mumm and Mark W. Olsen executive produce for Vox Media Studios; and David Chang, Dave O’Connor, Chris Ying and Christopher C. Chen are the executive producers for Majordomo Media. Patrick J. Doody serves as showrunner and executive producer.

“Secret Chef” marks Vox Media Studios’ sixth premiere for Hulu. Last month, “Drag Me to Dinner” featuring Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka premiered on the streamer.