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Secret Base’s Fan-Favorite and Award-Winning Franchise “Dorktown” Returns with “The History of the Minnesota Vikings”

Seven-Episode Series Premieres Tuesday, August 1

Vox Media’s Secret Base, the award-winning sports documentary studio from SB Nation, has set the return of their fan-favorite franchise Dorktown. Premiering on Tuesday, August 1, the next season of Dorktown will focus on the Minnesota Vikings. Told over 7 episodes, The History of the Minnesota Vikings explores the entire 63-year history of one of the NFL’s most iconic and beloved teams. This story is told by its two writers and narrators, Jon Bois and Alex Rubenstein, who dive into old footage, newspaper archives, and reams of statistics to build a staggeringly large and intricate world around the Vikings and their admired coach, Bud Grant. The series not only explores the impact of his career, but the triumphs and failures of all those who have carried his legacy into the future.

The History of the Minnesota Vikings rounds out the award-winning Dorktown franchise from Secret Base. Focused on telling the stories of incredible teams that haven’t let trophies define their success, previous seasons include The History of the Seattle Mariners and The History of the Atlanta Falcons. Garnering over half a billion lifetime views, Secret Base creates series that are story driven first and sports second.

“‘The History of the Minnesota Vikings’ is a story for people who don’t watch football,” stated Bois, an executive producer at Secret Base who was called the “poet laureate of sports statistics” by The New York Times. “But if you are a football fan, and especially a Vikings fan, you’ll be just as amazed to witness all the pieces of this team’s history and identity come together.”

Additional franchises from Secret Base include Rewinder, Beef History, and Prism. In addition, the team is behind Chosen, Collapse, Weird Rules, and more.

The History of the Minnesota Vikings premieres on Secret Base on Tuesday, August 1, with new episodes every Tuesday. The final episode will be available on Friday, September 8 ahead of the Vikings first game of the NFL season on Sunday, September 10.

About Secret Base:

Secret Base is an SB Nation franchise that focuses on smart, captivating, entertaining stories that happen to be about sports, and finding unconventional ways to tell them. We take community very seriously, inviting our fans to come along with us as we go on various absurd journeys. We recognize that sports are silly, but it’s fun to take silly things seriously, and that’s exactly what we do. As such we fill a special place in sports media, tapping into a diverse and dedicated fan base across sports lovers and the people who “don’t like sports” alike.