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The Dodo’s Twist on the Perfect Blind Date Features Scarlett Johansson

‘Dodo Dream Date’ plays matchmaker to pair celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Antoni Porowski with a shelter dog for the perfect first date

The Dodo today released its newest episode of “Dodo Dream Date,” its fresh take on the perfect blind date, where The Dodo plays matchmaker to pair celebrities and influencers with a shelter dog who will hopefully love spending the day with them. Like any blind date show, this one taps into the tension of whether the two will hit it off — creating adorable moments that help the pup find a family.

The latest episode is hosted by actor and producer Scarlett Johansson at the NYC office of The Outset, the skincare collection she founded along with beauty expert and CEO Kate Foster. The Dodo captures Johansson as she anxiously awaits meeting 12-year old Ocean, a pit bull mix pulled from the city shelter by Muddy Paws Rescue. Ocean clearly enjoys the spa day Johansson has planned for her, and the date unfolds with plenty of sweet, awkward, and funny moments (including Ocean snacking on the cucumber slices meant for hydrating her eyes).

“So far, the date has been going really well with Ocean,” Johansson tells The Dodo in a confessional moment. “At first we were both a little shy and a little bit sort of nervous to meet each other, and then I have to say that she warmed up almost immediately and we’re just getting to know each other now.”

In the episode, Johansson makes a good case for viewers to adopt Ocean as she gets to know the pup, who gives her face kisses and full body snuggles. “I don’t think you’re going to have any problem finding a forever home because you’re exceptionally adorable, very cuddly, and that’s what we’re all looking for,” she says. (Ocean has since been adopted.)

“As both Scarlett and I are proud parents of rescue dogs, I was thrilled that The Outset could be involved in helping raise awareness of pet adoptions and local shelters with The Dodo,” said Foster. “We loved giving Ocean a pampering day at the office.”

“Dodo Dream Date” is brought to life through The Dodo’s close friends who share its mission of spreading kindness and supporting adoption. By creating a community that has attracted celebrities and influencers who believe in coming together over the common good, The Dodo’s latest franchise offers audiences happy moments that bring people together and inspire them to do things for others.

“At The Dodo, we celebrate the special bond between humans and animals,” said YuJung Kim, group publisher at The Dodo. “We’re excited about Dodo Dream Date because it plays off the emotions of going on a first date, but with a uniquely Dodo spin. We love putting the spotlight on celebrities and creators who share our love of dogs – and of course we love being able to give rescue dogs a very special day out of the shelter.”

As the #1 animal media brand on the internet, The Dodo believes wholeheartedly that there is enrichment and entertainment value in animal storytelling for all people. And through the lens of animal-first storytelling, The Dodo occupies a unique space in the market that reaches animal lovers, pet parents, and intergenerational viewers with content they can’t get anywhere else. Dodo stories have the power to evoke joy and delight across all age groups, helping people bond over everyone’s favorite videos on the Internet.

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