Vox Advertising is connecting the biggest brands to Vox Media's audience of 155 Million monthly readers and viewers. In 2014 we worked with over 450 of the biggest marketers in the world to help our clients build custom advertising experiences that are as appealing, engaging and powerful as the editorial and video content across our own brands.

This past year we tripled the number of campaigns we executed, bringing to market new ad products, new events and new ways for brands to speak directly to their desired audiences. We developed new high impact brand units with tremendous results, offering our advertisers an interaction rate 15x the industry average and 12x the click through rate across mobile and desktop. We executed 30 different experiential marketing events, in 10 U.S. Cities, giving thousands of consumers the opportunity to engage with our brands in real life.

2014 was also the year we fully built out Vox Creative; our in-house group of designers, directors, storytellers and creative coders. In its first full year, Vox Creative developed and published custom Brand Marketing initiatives partnering with major talent, from NFL stars like DeSean Jackson and international chart-topping singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc, to internet entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian and comedian Max Silvestri, to dozens of chefs, graphic designers, photographers and inventors across the worlds of fashion, filmmaking, gaming and technology. The response from the industry was overwhelming, with a number of our initiatives winning recognition for us and our partners from major trade publications, including the Adweek 2014 People’s Choice Award for Hottest in Native Advertising.

And to round out Vox Creative’s incredible year, we announced that Lindsay Nelson would be joining Vox Media to lead Vox Creative, bringing a wealth of experience from her previous role at Slate where she founded and grew SlateCustom, their in-house branded content creative agency. Lindsay wasted no time here at Vox Media, where she appeared in Digiday on her very first day on the job, talking about Vox’s tech advantage in native advertising.

It’s hard to imagine having a busier, more exciting and more productive year for Vox Advertising and Vox Creative than 2014. But that’s exactly what we plan to do.