In 2014, Curbed launched its features programming, uncovering the stories behind the 22-year-old who served as Frank Lloyd Wright's trusted photographer, the 1939 World's Fair, and the life and times of Elle Decor, to name a few. Our first social media editor has revamped our Facebook and Twitter policies (to great effect; we've had record-breaking traffic months in the time since she's come on board) and has defined and strengthened our Pinterest presence. Recent initiatives include embedding Pinterest boards, Tweets, and Instagrams, as well as continually republishing evergreen content, which has been hugely successful.

In January, Curbed saw 3.5 million uniques. Now we're looking at 8.6 million. Facebook referrals have more than tripled in recent months, and weekend traffic has skyrocketed, despite the fact that weekend editorial output (that is, zero posts published on National and most of the city sites) has not changed.

City sites have killed it in 2014. In recent weeks Curbed LA nailed its first-ever Cults Week, while Curbed NY just published a short series of features about the 50th anniversary of the term "gentrification." Across the brand, of course, we've brought back Hotels Week and Outdoors Week, and next month are unleashing the one-and-only Nic Cage Day.

We are all looking forward (a groosssss understatement) to relaunching with Chorus and staffing up — and reaping all the magical, beauteous editorial stuff that will undeniably reveal itself in the next few months.