2014 was a big year for Eater—actually the biggest year in our nine-year history. Most crucially, we relaunched the site on Chorus, introducing a new beautiful design, new features, and a new map format. I can't overstate what a huge evolution this was for us and our readers. To prep for our relaunch we spent the year staffing up to reinforce our core — news, reports, obsessive local coverage in 24 cities — and to introduce new elements to the site.

What's new: We launched formal restaurant criticism in New York and nationally this spring with our critics Ryan Sutton, Robert Sietsema, and our roving correspondent Bill Addison. Our longform program, overseen by Helen Rosner kicked off with the package 72 Ways to Change the World and has included a heartbreaking essay about a combo Taco Bell/KFC and a profile of 70's icon Jeremiah Tower. We have three ongoing video series and a swath of one-offs we push out every week, our new forums are picking up speed, and Eater IDK (our viral/quick hit section) is just very fun. On top of that, we have a brand new engagement team, overseen by Greg Morabito, that's committed to broadening our social reach.

What's next: We have some aggressive plans for video for 2015, including launching new series, partnering with Youtube personalities, and leaning on the strength of our staff of experts. International expansion is in the cards. And booze, lots and lots of booze (coverage).