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Vox Creative launches its first property: Meridian

Launched in partnership with Chase Sapphire Reserve, Meridian's travel content focuses on a new destination each month – beginning with Japan.

Today, Vox Media's in-house creative agency, Vox Creative, launched its first property: Meridian. Launched in partnership with Chase Sapphire Reserve, Meridian is a beautiful digital travel experience that tells the undiscovered stories of a new destination each month -- beginning today with Japan. Through narrative-driven videos, photography, and personal essays, Meridian's storytelling offers a unique perspective for the adventurous and sophisticated young traveler.

To kick off this month's deep-dive into Japan, we follow a bike ride through the Shimanami Kaidō, the epic, 70-kilometer bike route along Southern Japan's Seto Inland Sea through orchards of lemon groves, shrines, and a hidden okonomiyaki joint. We tour a denim shop that sells premium jeans, carefully dyed and quite literally with a lived-in feel after having been worn for a year by a member of the community. And, with gorgeous photography, we visit some of the world's largest bridges on the Nishiseto Expressway.

Check back throughout the month to explore more from Japan -- from food and nightlife, fashion and style, people, sports and pastimes, historical and cultural traditions and landmarks, and pop culture and trends. Audiences can also find Meridian on Facebook and Instagram and learn more about this launch from Vox Creative in the Wall Street Journal.