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Vox Media’s shopping brand, Racked, relaunches

Smart, accessible, and shoppable, Racked fills a gap in the industry

This week, Vox Media's shopping brand, Racked, revealed a gorgeous new logo and sleek look. It's a wardrobe change that represents a larger brand shift, editor-in-chief Britt Aboutaleb told audiences: look for a renewed dedication to shopping, for real life, a distribution strategy that focuses on shoppable newsletters and Facebook video, and new editorial voices such as editor-at-large Aminatou Sow.

The accessibility and breadth of Racked's content is key to reaching a savvy shopper who wants price points, models, and an easy ability to buy that reflects real people's lives. For Britt, who joined Racked nine months ago, this underserved audience included herself. "I've always wanted a smart shopping resource that assumed I wanted to know more than just how to dress like a celebrity and that showed women who looked like me, alongside a very diverse cast," she explained.

Dedicated Racked fans may have already seen a shift in this direction. Britt proudly points to her team's recent election coverage that pulled back the curtain on how and why the billion-dollar fashion industry affected the candidates and American voters. The Politics of Pockets exposed the link between power and clothing with pockets, which were noticeably absent from Hillary Clinton's famous pantsuits. And Trump, China, and the Ties That Bind was the product of a deep investigation into the Chinese factories that made Donald Trump's clothing brand possible.

"Smart coverage extends to service too," Britt continues, always coming back to the heart of the ten-year-old Racked brand. "Our shopping team is answering real questions, like where can you buy work pants that will last forever, and how much should you really spend on a cashmere sweater?"

Now, to fully serve their growing audiences, Racked's new shopping capabilities close the gap between inspiration and acquisition -- making that expertly selected cashmere sweater tomorrow's outfit. "Racked is speaking to an audience that wants to know more, and walk away with real advice, ready to take action."

To take action, follow Racked on Facebook, Twitter, and sign up for their shoppable newsletter.