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Introducing Concert: Ads that perform with content you trust

Concert is the largest premium quality content and audience marketplace available to brand advertisers.

Over the last four years, Vox Media has been on a mission to create high impact advertising products that perform, scale, and are as well designed and high quality as the content surrounding them.

Today, we’re publicly launching Concert, the industry’s largest high quality content and audience marketplace with our founding partner NBCUniversal. Concert is an important step in elevating the standard of digital advertising and in creating a new class of advertising. It pairs our high performing, high impact digital advertising products with premium quality content across Vox Media and NBCU properties, offering advertisers audience scale and sophisticated targeting and insights.

Leveraging our proprietary advertising platform, Concert also allows for real-time creative optimizations — including copy, image, and CTA — delivering 12x engagement compared to standard alternatives and enhancing ROI for marketers.

While we’re tremendously excited to announce Concert, this is only the beginning of the process for us. We believe we have the position and ability to help define what the future of advertising is for premium quality media brands and are excited to work tirelessly to achieve that vision.