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Join the Vox Media team as we take on Advertising Week

Vox Media on stage at New York Advertising Week 2016. Don’t miss it!

Don't miss our talent as they take on Advertising Week's hot-button topics, from creativity to mobile speeds to the 2016 election.

Check out our full program:

Monday, September 26 @ 2:45 PM

Mobile Speed = Marketing Performance

Joe Alicata, Vice President of Revenue Product and Operations, will join Richard Gingras, Senior Product Director at Google, along with key executives from the industry, as they share insights and perspectives on how mobile speed is critical for campaign performance.

Tuesday, September 27 @ 9:00 AM

Media Meets Creativity (again, always, and forever): The value of getting closer

Lindsay Nelson, Global Head of Brand Strategy, will join Jim Mollica, Head of Digital Marketing and Content at Under Armour, and Droga5's Tim Gordon, Group Creative Director, and moderator Colleen Leedy, Head of Communications Strategy, to discuss the value of rebundling creative and media, the evolution of client expectations for creative agencies and the new relationship between creative agencies and media publishers.

Tuesday, September 27 @ 3:30 PM

Why Politics & Programmatic Aren't Such Strange Bedfellows

Join Recode Managing Editor Edmund Lee as he discusses with a panel of industry experts the issues of programmatic advertising today. The conversation will focus on three hot-button issues as they relate to the 2016 election: the Trump effect: free market enterprise, and gaming the system; the Hillary effect: looking beyond rhetoric to uncover conflict of interest; and the Bernie effect: selling the dream, versus delivering what's promised.

Tuesday, September 27 @ 3:30 PM

MediaLink’s Advertising Week session "Vision in Data:  Art and Advertising"

Greg Gordon, Executive Director of Video, Vox Creative, joins Christiane Paul, adjunct curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art in a conversation with acclaimed artists Lev Manovich and Luke DuBois in a panel discussion of industry influencers and visionaries around the implications of data in advertising, moderated by Michael Kassan and featuring Kargo, Appnexus, Flipboard, Quantcast and Vox Media.

Wednesday, September 28 @ 9:00AM

Header Bidding: The Essential What and Why of Adtech's Latest Fascination

Ryan Pauley, Executive Director of Revenue Operations, joins Heather Carver, Senior Vice President of Rubicon Project and other industry leaders to discuss the value of header bidding as it relates to marketers and publishers, and the future of yield management and audience buying.

Meet us at Ad Week! For more details, head to #AWNewYork

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