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Sean Rameswaram Joins Vox To Host Daily News Explainer Podcast

The podcast veteran will join Vox’s Washington D.C. team later this month.

Today Vox Media is excited to welcome Sean Rameswaram to the Vox team as the host of the news brand’s upcoming daily news explainer podcast.

Previously a reporter for WNYC’s Radiolab series More Perfect, where he reported and produced deep features on guns in America, gerrymandering, and other urgent constitutional questions, Rameswaram brings a decade of audio experience and a breadth of interests to Vox. Before WNYC, he was a reporter for PRI’s Studio 360, as well as the host of Studio 360’s Sideshow podcast and CBC's Podcast Playlist.

“The opportunity to host a show like this, at a place like Vox, was impossible to pass up,” Rameswaram said of his decision to take on the new role. “There’s never been a more important time to be trying to help people understand what’s happening, in Washington and around the world. And Vox’s energy and ambition for this show is exciting.”

Rameswaram will work from Vox’s core newsroom in Washington D.C., where he’ll start later this month. In the coming weeks, he’ll be joined by a staff of five additional journalists producing the show, which Vox plans to launch in early 2018. Vox will produce the show in partnership with podcast listening platform and content network Stitcher.